American and Nepalese authorities have recovered the bodies of six aliens ship from an ice pack near the summit of a Himalayan mountain peak.

A UFO expert, Dr. John Malley,  made  the discovery, with his team from the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials.  Dr. Malley charges that the governments of both countries are conspiring to keep the discovery secret for fear of causing a global panic if all the facts are made public.

The pictures he took of the bodies were seized by Nepalese authorities – with American government officials in the room!

“They took the photos and they have seized the bodies of the aliens.  They also took the eight fragments of a Gootan spaceship – but they don’t want us to know anything about it,” said Henri Degois, president of a Paris-based watchdog  group Scientists for Truth in UFO Reporting, which accompanied Dr. Malley in his exploration of the alien site.

“The cover-up is not only in excusable, it is outright criminal,” said Degois.

“The discovery of the UFO and its crew and everything that is known about them belongs in the public arena, especially with the ongoing alien invasion happening on our planet!”

Degois quoted unnamed Nepalese military sources as having said that the wreckage and crew were discovered by some mountain climbers soon after the scientists left the site and the climbers altered the government – and they seized it.

The Nepalese government requested the assistance of the United States in the recovery operation , he added, which should have taken weeks because the bodies and wreckage were scattered over a five-mile area, but within days – it was all gone.

Government spokesmen in both countries have not responded to repeated WWN inquiries about the alleged Gootan spaceshp discovered in the mountains.  WWN reported recently of the discovery of an alien base in another part of the Himalayas and continues to report on the three Gootan spaceships that are rapidly approaching earth.

“The governments of the world think they are protecting citizens by covering it all up – but they are not allowing citizens to prepare for the alien attack and invasion.”

“I have it on the authority of my sources that the alien bodies were about three feet tall, had slightly oversized heads and eyes and small, thin, but strong-looking limbs,” Malley said.   “They were definitely from Gootan.”

“Fragments of a shiny metal unlike anything found on Earth were also discovered, some as big as refrigerators.”

Even stranger, the bodies of a horse, cow, panda and possibly an elephant may have been removed from the site, as well as fish and hundreds of wild bird eggs, all smashed.

“That would seem to suggest that the Gootans  were exploring Earth and bringing animals back to the Himalayas for research and study,” said Dr. Malley.

“The remains were encased in ice, , so there was little or no decomposition.  The bodies could be 10,000 years old.

“Until the powers the be in the U.S. and Nepal speak out about the results of their studies and analysis, there’s no way we’ll ever know.”

Malley said it doubtful that he will ever be able to obtain copies of official documents from his sources.  But he hopes to publish a full U.N. report based on their verbal communications within the month.   “If the government doesn’t study me,” said Malley.

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