HOLLYWOOD –  Lindsay Lohan tweeted Chris Brown asking to meet.  They did. And now they’re a couple.
The other day Lindsay Lohan tweeted to Chris Brown: “@chrisbrown wanna meet?”  It happened right after LiLo tweeted “@ChrisBrown killed it” after his VMA performance.
Chris Brown retweeted Lindsay’s tweets… and they met and according to sources close to both start – they had a wild couple of nights.

“Chris is in love.  If you asked him who’d he fall in love with a few weeks ago, he would never have come up with Lindsay, but he’s fallen hard for her.  Real hard,” said Brown’s manager.
Lindsay Lohan recently dropped her last name, so she’s officially just – Lindsay.  Chris Brown is still Chris Brown.  But their publicists said to call them”Chris and Lindsay” when writing about them as a couple.  Lindsay wanted it to be “Lindsay and Chris” but Brown didn’t like that.

Several friends close to Lindsay asked her if she were afraid that Brown’s anger might rear it’s head again.  Lohan reportedly said, “I hope so.  I love an aggressive man.
Lindsay might not be happy with rumors that Chris still wants to be with Rihanna.  Especially because this picture was taken of Chris and Rihanna just a few weeks ago.

But, WWN wishes “Chris and Lindsay” well.   We’re sure they’ll be having a baby together soon.
Here’s a song Lindsay loves:


  1. Why are they allowing Chris Brown any VMA time at all? I mean didn't he just about go all O.J. on his ex Rhianna? How can a wife beater go on to continue a career after that? Oh wait….he's black. I forgot. My bad.

  2. Pls u guys should allow chrisbrown and rihannah be together once again they still in love they are just deceiving themselves chris brown this is a waste of time u know(linsday)

  3. Those are so fake picture. So cropped, so plaster, so taped to look like they are together. The Internet is truly a bucket of slime. and it's not because they would be dating but because you people are such liars!


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