WASHINGTON – The White House is pushing through a bill that will give Affirmative Action benefits to ugly people.
The Obama Administration has felt for a long time that ugly people are facing discrimination in all sectors of the United States – jobs, college, healthcare etc.
The Administration first looked at amending”ugly” to the definition of “disabilities” under the American’ With Disabilities Act (ADA), but they figured it would take too long to enact.
Now, they are just going to declare “ugly people” to be an official minority that should be protected under Affirmative Action laws.

Republicans were quick to point out that “ugly people” might actually be in the “majority” – and felt certainly that to be the case in terms of the RNC (and the DNC).
The White House pointed to a study that showed that an American worker who was among the bottom one-seventh in looks, as assessed by randomly chosen observers, earned 10 to 15 percent less per year than a similar worker whose looks were assessed in the top one-third — a lifetime difference, in a typical case, of about $230,000.

The Administration said that “for purposes of administering the law, “ugly” is defined as the bottom 1-2 percent of  “ugly people” in the United States.
The difficulties in classification are little greater than those faced in deciding who qualifies for protection on grounds of disabilities that limit the activities of daily life, as shown by conflicting decisions in numerous legal cases involving obesity.
The White House responded:  “You know it when you see it.”

There are other objections. “Ugliness” is not a personal trait that many people choose to embrace; those whom we classify as protected might not be willing to admit that they are ugly. But with the chance of obtaining extra pay and promotions amounting to $230,000 in lost lifetime earnings, there’s a large enough incentive to do so. Bringing anti-discrimination lawsuits is also costly, and few potential plaintiffs could afford to do so. But many attorneys would be willing to organize classes of plaintiffs to overcome these costs, just as they now do in racial-discrimination and other lawsuits.
Short people, bald people, cross-eyed people and people with “bad hair” are all applying for Affirmative Action protection as well.
In the meantime, if you think you are ugly – call the government and… get protected!

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  1. I wonder if he came up with affirmative action for the amazingly stupid first but since he already had a good job he opted to help the attractiveness challenged instead.

  2. the real people that need affirmative action are obese people. I am a larger person and have tried to get job after job that I know im qualified for, and watched it go to a thinner person, which is unfair

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  4. From the neck down, I look fine but from the neck up, Ive been told my face doesn't go with my nice figure. I'm one of those women. I have got discounts on mammograms and dental work because they thought I was poor because I'm homely looking. I went in to pre-pay for part of my gall bladder surgery and the lady behind the window said…now, hun, you know there's a $200.00 fee you'll need to pay today. Can you pay a part of it today? I whipped out my AE card. The look on her face was priceless.


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