TOKYO  —  Ginzo, the dolphin with human arms, is leading a dolphin fight against Japanese fishermen.
Japanese fisherman are preparing for their annual dolphin hunt, which begins on September 1st.  Once again they are preparing for a slaughter like this:

But, they have a formidable opponent this time – GINZO, the DOLPHIN WITH HUMAN ARMS.

Ginzo is leading a battalion of angry dolphins in a counter-attack against fishermen.  Several local citizens in “the cove” heard a human voice coming from Ginzo, who gave a passionate and dramatic plea for all dolphins to defend themselves – aggressively – against the blood-thirsty fishermen.

Japanese police and coast guard officers have held a security drill to practice protecting a village from the bloody battle they are anticipating for the  annual dolphin hunt.
A Wakayama prefectural police official says Wednesday’s drill was aimed at guarding the southwestern town of Taiji from protesters before hunting season starts in September.
About 10,000 law enforcement officers gathered in the bay where the Oscar-winning film “The Cove” was filmed.
Japan allows about 20,000 dolphins to be caught each year. Most Japanese have never eaten dolphin meat but the government defends the hunts as tradition.
But that’s the way it used to be… Now, GINZO is take the matter into HIS OWN HANDS and will stop the Japanese fishermen from slaughtering his people again.
WWN’s intrepid reporter, Dr. Taxi, will be at The Cove to cover the battle.   He will be embedded with Ginzo’s platoon.  Stay tuned…

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    • You probably eat Chicken. And Pork. Not to mention Eggs, and Steak. Why is their sushi any different? Go join PETA. Not a joke website. On the up side, hilarious photoshop 😀

  1. Japan is getting a bit overboard you know fishing in all the Seas Alot of people to feed though. Mabie somthing with less mecrury would be good!

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