ARKANSAS – Wal-Mart signed a deal with Casey Anthony to sell the “Casey Anthony Pink Tux shirt” exclusively at their stores.
Casey Anthony was wearing a unique pink tux shirt yesterday when the jury read their verdict.  It was a pink tuxedo shirt, that caught the eye of Wal-Mart honchos.
“We think a lot of young mothers and girls now look up to Casey Anthony.  After all, she is an innocent woman who loved her child,” said Wal-Mart exec VP, Johnny Tribbles.  “We are going to launch a Casey Anthony Tuxedo Shirt Line.”
Tribbles said that orders are already pouring in for the Casey Anthony Shirt.  “We’ve got about 5,00 orders from Orange County in Florida alone.”

Sources inside Wal-Mart said that the company feels that justice has been served and that Casey Anthony has the right to resume her normal life.  “And we think she can have a profitable clothing line.  She was very well dressed throughout the trial,” said Wal-Mart fashion buyer,  Rebecca Stigmoid.  “She’s on the cutting edge of fashion and this might be the first item in the Casey Anthony line.”

Wal-Mart said that the Pink Tuxedo Shirt will probably be the biggest fashion trend of the summer.  “It’ll probably be the best-selling blouse we’ve ever had.”
Rumors that Wal-Mart sold “O.J. Gloves” in the mid-90s are false.  “O.J. was a cold-blooded killer who got away with it. We would never sell an O.J. product,” said Stigmoid.  “Casey is different.  She was a good mother.  All her friends said so.”
Better head to Wal-Mart and get yourself a Casey shirt!


  1. Really? Do you people even know what kind of site you are reading? None of these stories are true. Don't get all upset find a real newsite

  2. As a person with a master's degree and spent many a long night and weekend in a library, I find what you have said here quite condescending. As I read this article, not looking at the name of the site I was on, just following google links, I found this article quite believable and plausible. Sure, I should look at the name of the site before I decide how much credence I give to believing what I have read…..but to go into a library and ask "for help developing (my) literacy skills," come on get real…..nobody is going to do that. Also it is a jump to decide that in a situation when someone can't determine what is and isn't' a joke…..they need to develop literacy skills…..and at a library. My literacy skills are just fine, as I imagine are most of those who are reading here…..so come down a little from your come-uppance…..as the old saying goes,"don't get above your raisin' ." !!!!!

  3. There is no way I am buying this shirt and if I see anyone I know with this shirt on I am going to ask them if they like baby killers cause that is what she is.

  4. Just one more reason NOT to shop at Walmart! How could anybody wear that. Makes me sick that you are rewarding a baby killer, but it is Walmart we are talking about.

    • You both belong in a walmart, because you both are stupid enough to believe this story. IT'S A FUCKING FAKE NEWS SITE.

  5. First of all…unless Killsey designed the shirt and made the shirt and patented the design and labeledt. Come on people! Are you really that gullable?

  6. Am i allowed to only say that of a alleviation to find someone that actually understands precisely what they are referring to online. Far more individuals have to go through along with understand this. I can't consider youre not very popular as you definitely possess the present.


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