NEW YORK –  New polls by Esquire, FHM and People reveal that men consider Adele the sexiest woman alive.
A day after being stealing the show at the Video Music Awards, Adele was voted the Sexiest Woman Alive by three major magazines.
Yes, there are a lot of haters out there that can’t help but mention her weight.  But, her weight doesn’t matter to most men in the world.  “I don’t care how much she weighs, she looks gorgeous to me.  And when she sings… it’s like an angel is calling me to her,” said Ian Barstow of Tottenham, England.
“I like a woman with curves.  I’m sick of those anorexic models,” said Jack Hillstrom of Chicago, Illinois.

“And she’s happy with her body.  Most woman are so unhappy with their bodies. I love that about Adele,” said Steve Fordham of Boston.
With her hair pulled back — and a signature ponytail traipsed over one shoulder – she looks hot.   “Many men just totally lose it when they meet her,” said Adele’s manager.  “She gets about forty marriage proposals a day and more than double that want to spend ‘time’ with her.

The 22-year-old singer always looks stunning, with her black eyeliner and voluminous hair turning her into a sex bomb, and insists in the  she isn’t worried about her weight and is happy with how she looks.
“I’m happy with body.  I love my curves,”  Adele said.

“Damn, I love them curves, too,”  said Fred Meester of New York.
Lady Gaga agrees.  “She’s the sexiest woman, I’ve ever seen.”   And she admires her music.  “She’s a breath of fresh air and she’s so exciting and her music is adding another dimension to radio that’s so important. She’s a truly lovely person — which, to me, is always my favorite.”
Adele’s breakout hit, “Rolling in the Deep,” from her second album, 21, is the best-selling record of the year so far, but Adele decided to forego performing the ubiquitous hit, and instead she sang the sorrowful song “Someone Like You,” also from that hot-selling album.
So, who would you rather?  Adele:

Or Jessie J?  Voted the hottest woman in the world on crutches:

Or Kreayshawn:

Katy Perry introduced Adele last night.  And here’s the song she sang.  It always makes the men swoon:

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  1. She is by far the sexiest woman alive ! She's got such a magnetism about her! She's so hot! It's women like her that make me wish I was a man!

  2. ADELE is THE planet sex symbol and wow she is hot hot .. is obvious that she is such a lovely person and more than that she is ….. AN ANGEL on that earth with a true magnétism like you said Valérie .
    Adèle je t'aime très fort XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX when do you come to FRANCE !!

  3. ADELE is the n° 1 in the world and in my heart !! she is ACE, she is beautiful, she is sensitive, she is lovely, she is posh, she has a fab sense of humour , she is …………….a FAB FAB and AMAZING singer !! she is gifted ………….. and she is an angel ..and she wins ALL distinctions around wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww I just wish YOU CAN COME TO FRANCE please !!!! ADELE is also a french name 🙂 bisous XXXXX

  4. Hell Yea!
    Damn right. She is absolutely gorgeous! I love women with curves like hers. I am so tired of all those Anorexic skeletons we see on TV.
    Adele is a breath of fresh air! A good role model for 'bigger' women.
    Keep up the GREAT work. You make Lady Gaga look like an amateur.
    Younus – South Africa

  5. Adele is the most beautiful and the sexiest woman in the world.It drives me nuts when people make jokes about her weight!She's curvy and is proud of it!Most men(and women)love curves and she's got them in all of the right places.She's got the smoldering eyes,the full luscious lips,the glowing skin,the body of a Greek goddess,and hair I would kill for.Plus,she's got this smokey,deep singing voice that just makes people melt.This woman is a work of art and anyone that would call her fat doesn't deserve a woman as amazing as Adele.


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