LONDON – Kate Middleton’s phone has been hacked by the News of the World tabloid.
Though the messages haven’t revealed anything scandalous, lawyers for the royal family are expected to file a lawsuit against the British paper tomorrow morning.
According to Gerard Whitley, attorney for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the recently hacked voicemail messages were of a logistical nature regarding their July trip to North America.

A source within Buckingham Palace revealed that most of the messages dealt with the Duchess of Cambridge’s wardrobe. “She had a lot of designers from L.A. and Canada calling, wanting her to wear their pieces. There was one message confirming the shipment of the purple dress Kate wore in Ottawa on Canada Day. A brilliant choice, coupled with that lovely maple leaf pin. Beyond brilliant, really.”
The News of the World has been under scrutiny for years as a result of its practice of hacking into the phone messages of celebrities and politicians. There are currently a number of other well-known figures suing the paper.

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  1. Not only is Elsa an extremely talented journalist, it is obvious from her commentary on Kate's Canada Day outfit that she also has an incredibly keen sense of fashion. As a Canadian resident, not only did I weep for joy for Ottawa, the maple leaf over Kate's heart brought me right back to the glory days of the NHL in Montreal and Toronto. If I didn't have my hockey stick in hand to help me keep both my physical and emotional balance, I would have fallen over from the pride of seeing the royals within our borders on the greatest of all Candian holidays!

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