NEW YORK –  Several New York women suffered third-degree burns from their bikini underwire –  two died.
Bikini wearers beware:  the underwire in your bikini bra can be lethal in temperatures over 90 degrees.
Twelve New York women suffered third-degree burns when the underwire in their bikini tops became superheated during a recent 90-degree afternoon.
“After about an hour, I was hurting,” 50-year-old Robin Corrente, of Yaphank, told The New York Post. “I went up to take a shower and I realized … I had a lot of blisters.”  The blisters soon multiplied and Corrente had to be taken to a hospital, where doctors removed a chunk of flesh about “the size of a quarter” from both her right and left breast.

Two other women weren’t as lucky as Corrente.  “The sun superheated the underwire of the bikinis worn by Maria Compandori and Selena Ruiz – both of the Bronx,” said NYFD paramedic, Tom Hillstrom.  The burns were so severe the women went in to full cardiac arrest and died.

Bikini designers across the country are trying to find alternates to the underwire used in bikinis.  “There may be some plastic substitutes that can offer the support women need,” said Jessica Williams of the Bikini Makers Association of America (BMAA).

In the meantime, ladies, be careful out there.  If you have underwire in your bikini, either replace it or take it off.


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