WASILLA, AK – In her upcoming memoir, Bristol Palin tells how she lost her virginity – twice!
Bristol Palin’s upcoming memoir is entitled, Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far.  In it she reveals how Levi Johnston took her virginity when she was drunk on wine coolers — then he ran off to brag about it to his friends.
She ran off and told her friends Levi had a small package.

The big revelation in her memoir is that she claims that six months after she gave birth to Tripp, she miraculously became a virgin again.
“I just woke up one day and looked at my private parts in my little mirror and saw that I was a virgin again!  It was a miracle from God and Jesus.  They gave me a second chance to be a good girl,” writes Bristol.
In her book, Bristol calls it the Immaculate Virginity.
The first time Bristol lost her virginity it went like this:  Bristol was on a camping trip with friends when she got drunk for the first time on wine coolers. She recalls waking up in her tent alone with no memory of what had happened, until she heard Johnston describing it to their friends outside.
She had been a virgin and had intended to wait until marriage to have sex. Afterward, she spoke to Johnston, and they agreed to wait until marriage to do it again.  The pact didn’t last long – they had sex right after they made a pact not to have sex again.

Palin says she was on birth control pills (for cramps) when she learned she was pregnant with son Tripp, now 2.   Levi wanted to name Tripp, “Cramp,” but Bristol won that argument.
After eight home pregnancy tests, she realized she had to face the truth. Her parents, she says, were understanding, though they insisted she stay in school. And Johnston’s reaction?
“Better be a (bleeping) boy,” he said.
Bristol was hurt by his comment, but wanted to please him.  “Maybe if  we keep having sex it’ll turn into a boy if it’s girl,” Levi said.  So Bristol and Levi went at it – day and night.  And Levi was right – “having lots of sex affects the gender of a baby,” writes Bristol.
The second time Bristol lost her virginity it went like this:  Bristol was working on Dancing with The Stars with her dance partner, Mark Ballas. They wanted to take a break, so they went camping with some of his friends.  Ballas gave her some wine coolers and she got drunk – Bristol again says this was the first time she got drunk.  When she woke up, she was backstage at DWTS and Ballas was bragging about “bagging Bristol.”

She was hurt, but she kept having sex with Ballas.  She hopes to have a baby with him soon and after that – she hopes to be a virgin once again.
“I believe in re-virginization,” Palin says in her memoir.
Palin’s book, which has a cover photo of her holding Tripp, comes to stores on June 24.

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