NEW YORK – Rep. Anthony Weiner entered treatment for his online sexting affairs at an online rehabilitation facility.
Weiner, after ignoring pleas to step down from high-ranking democrats such as Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, has signed up with www.SextHelp.com. The site offers comprehensive group therapy sessions for sexting addicts as well as one-on-one Skype meetings with medical professionals.
The organization boasts a clear motto – “No photos! No fantasies!” – all over its site.

Weiner has refused to resign, hoping his constituents will see him through what he has called “his sloppy sexting.”

Voters in New York’s 9th District weren’t surprised to learn that Weiner looked to the web for help with his addiction.

“It’s typical Weiner. He’s going to the source,” said John Crispino of Howard Beach.

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  1. Anthony Weiner leaves behind a legacy that will always be remembered: THE PACT ACT. It's requirement for age verification by the U.S. Postal Service and the internet has set new standards for American life.

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  3. This is some seriously difficult treatment he has entered. Staying home and surfing the net. Allow me to say, "What a s*i*head"

  4. Congressman on TV Sunday I saw immediately after my other Comment Anthony Weiner as I understood did this to help himself in internet frenzy obviously the peeps on internet think differently he is just so into it (CONSTUITENT IS WORD INTO ONE IT IS DEFINED AS INTO ONE AND Election worthy and component)

  5. It is amazing that this guy would get a free pass. He should resign. He is an example of a guy who should have realized how much sending photo graphs of his privates is just not what most would expect from our elected official. Weiner is one of the leaders of support of a Middle East nation and he can always decide to move to that place. Heaven knows we have enough people with strange habits of photographing their private parts.


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