HOLLYWOOD – The Arnold Vase is on sale in Santa Monica.  Inside you’ll find: three hidden children!
There is a rare vase depicted Arnold Schwarzenegger and his blushing bride, Maria Shriver.  This vase was on sale on Ebay two months ago.  It originally was being sold for $5,000.00.  Today it is worth $1 million.

It’s a special vase, a magical vase – if you will.  Inside the vase there are several surprised, placed there by Arnold himself.  You’d have to buy the vase to find out EXACTLY what is in it, but sources close to the Governator, say that the vase contains 3-4 love children.  Apparently, that’s where Arnold was hiding the children the last ten years.
Maria Shriver wanted to buy the vase and smash it into smithereens, but she didn’t even know it existed until a week ago.
The vase would be selling for even more, but rumors have it that Arnold has 5 or 6 other magic vases that contain 3-4 children each.  He’s been a busy man.

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