SAN FRANCISCO  – A headband designed by EmSense, is being used by the U.S. government to record brainwaves as citizens watch TV.
The process of measuring brain reactions to something is known as ‘quantitative neurometrics’ and it can be carried out as you watch a computer or television screen.
The EmBand is being used by the government to track the brainwaves of citizens across the country.  The band measures how much attention you are paying, or your ‘cognitive engagement’, by evaluating brainwave activity.
This was the ad for the commercial use of the EmBand.

The ‘mobile armchair’ can be reclined and driven using a Kinect motion controller.  The U.S. government studies citizens by asking respondents to voluntarily share their information.
This has been compared to the controversial 1971 film A Clockwork Orange, where authorities try to psychologically modify the behavior of a teenage thug.
But this is not just a harmless commercial device.  The U.S. government has bought one hundred thousand of these devices and is already tracking millions of citizens.
Some citizens are concerned that the Obama Administration is using this technology to monitor the electorate.  “This is another power grab by Obama, but this time he is trying to grab our brains,” said Sarah Palin at a Tea Party rally in Wisconsin.
The government has already monitored more than 100,000 citizens.  After tracking the results, the FBI has arrested over 2,500 citizens for various thought crimes.

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