LONDON  –  The Royal Wedding is off!  Prince William officially called off his wedding to Kate Middleton.   He’s just not ready.
Prince William stunned Great Britain today by announcing that he is calling off his April 29th wedding to Kate Middleton.
He made this announcement after he told Royal watchers that he had no intention to wear a wedding ring.  “I will never a wear a ring.  I don’t believe in those symbols,” said the Prince.
Middleton’s wedding ring, however, was said to be made of rare Welsh gold, which was given to the Prince from the Queen after the engagement.  This gold was also used in the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla.
Rumor coming out of Buckingham Palace are that the Prince has met somebody new in the last few weeks.  WWN is trying to determine who the new woman in his life is.   Several web sites speculated that it may be Natalie Portman.  The Prince loved the movie Black Swann and since Portman isn’t married yet, the Prince is rumored to want to marry her and adopt her baby.
Prince William had a big argument with Middleton over the weekend.  The argument was apparently about what kind of wedding cake they will be serving.   “William got upset and said he’d rather be back in Afghanistan fighting the Mujahideen than talking to Kate and her mother, Carole, about wedding cakes,” said Royal Butler, Tom Hillstrom.

William has flown to Las Vegas for the weekend.  Last night he was spotted at a strip club.  He was impressed with one woman in particular.  “Kate could never do that,”  Williams said.   Here’s the woman he was referring to:

You would think that Kate would be devastated, heartbroken.  But she took it in stride.  This picture was taken tonight in London.  Kate’s on the prowl again!

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  1. I don't think William would have been able to pull out of the wedding even if he did have the biggest case of cold feet really. I mean look at his dad, he had to go through with his wedding to Diana no matter what!


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