JAKARTA, Indonesia — Indonesian authorities have arrested two men for carrying 40 pythons on board a flight to Dubai.
Jakarta airport official Salahudin Rafi says the two Kuwaitis were about to enter the departure area Friday when X-rays showed their bags were filled with sedated snakes.
Fourteen passengers have died from snake bites, including two flight attendants and one of the pilots.

The men told investigators they planned to sell the pythons to collectors in the United Arab Emirates.
The men are being questioned after being charged with carrying wild animals on board the Emirates plane, attempted murder and murder.  They could face up to seventy years in jail and a fine of $30 million and the death penalty.

In December, police at Abu Dhabi’s airport stopped a passenger who passed through an Indonesian airport carrying a box containing four snakes, two parrots and a squirrel.  But that passenger was stopped.
What have they done with the pythons?  Well, PETA has stepped in to protect the pythons, but the UAE authorities want the snakes beheaded and fed to the camels.  We’ll see who wins that battle?
In the meantime, aren’t the snakes cute:

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