TOPEKA, KS – Defiant 8-year-old swallows his new iPod Shuffle.
Mp3 players along with pretty much every other electronic device on the market are getting smaller and smaller every year. One of the more popular brands on the market is the Apple iPod. The iPod Shuffle is the smallest of Apple’s iPod line up currently measuring 1.14 x 1.24 x 0.34 inches and weighing a mere 0.44 ounces. Although not on the top of many children’s list of wants; many parents opt for the Shuffle for their children as it is the least expensive of the of mp3 players.
“This [iPod Shuffle] is by far the most economic choice for most. Families need to find a way to introduce technology to their children at an early age and mp3 players are excellent for this purpose,” said Jean Shuster, mother of two and author of Integrating Children into the Digital Age with High-tech Toys, “Children tend to lose things on a regular basis making the Shuffle a good fit.”
However, Margie Jones decision to purchase the Shuffle for her son Timmy turned out to be pricier than she had bargained for.
On Timmy’s 8th birthday he was give a brand new iPod Shuffle. At first Timmy was ecstatic seeing the tiny device but soon became frustrated when he discovered that the shuffle was not a touch screen device and that it did not play games. Margie recounts that he had a “pouty face” for most of that day refusing to cooperate in every manner possible.

When dinner time rolled around, Timmy like many children refused to eat any of his fruits or vegetables that were served to him. Margie told Timmy that he had to eat them. Timmy continued to refuse. Having had enough of the insubordination for the day, Margie finally caved in with a compromise where Timmy would only have to eat one piece of fruit or one vegetable.
Timmy, being the brat that he was, turned on his iPod Shuffle to random and swallowed it whole. “There Mom, I ate an apple!” he screamed at her.

Immediately, Margie rushed him to the ER explaining to the doctors what had happened. The doctors informed Mrs. Jones that Timmy would simply have to pass the pod. Until that happens though, Timmy will continue to fart Patrick Swayze’s “She’s Like the Wind” and we all know how much that stinks.

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