JUPITER ISLAND – Tiger Woods is finally moving into his dream compound!

According to sources, Tiger spent the last year working on the ultimate bachelor pad with a handpicked team of exclusive architects and interior decorators. “His dream team” included Hugh Hefner and the designers behind the Playboy Mansion, a Las Vegas nightclub designer, a set designer from the Bronx Zoo, and a high-price stripper who goes by Cee-Cee-Me.

Woods has told friends that he really wants to get back on top of both his games – the golf and the ladies.

The compound has received a lot of attention because of its custom short-game practice facility, which features four greens and six bunkers.

But the real amenities at Tiger’s love den go way beyond the golf course and beachfront property. The outdoor “Tiger Garden” includes a mangrove swamp and a tropical rainforest hut for sudden downpours. Strategically-placed cameras stream live footage into a posh video-editing suite that is complete with carpeted tiger stripe walls.
Inside, guests will be escorted to one of many themed rooms, including “Neck of the Woods” which features a full-time masseuse, and Tiger’s personal favorite “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Tiger” which features several secret places for quiet moments alone or with the host.
Woods is due to move in sometime in March, in advance of the Masters tournament.
Woods is also in talks with Nike to launch a line of “Tiger’s Paradise” visors to be sold at retail outlets.

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