SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – After the UFC 127 majority draw BJ Penn calls it quits to get creative.
BJ Penn, born Jay Dee Penn, considered leaving the octagon once before after a losing a second time to Frankie Edgar. But the love of the sport reeled him back in for another 9 matches. However, it seems as though that the recent tie to Jon Fitch in UFC 127 was more than Penn could handle and is calling it quits for good.
Shortly after the results from the recent UFC 127 event, Penn announced that he would be retiring to work on his life dream of being a published poet.
“I don’t want to do this anymore; I don’t know what’s wrong. If I’m going to go out there and perform like that, maybe this isn’t something worth doing,” said Penn.
Since a young boy Penn had always been interested in poetry. He explained that he found a striking similarity between the sense of calm that he felt after training in martial arts to the clarity and enlightenment that he gains after penning his poetic prose.
Penn continued by stating, “As soon as the fight was done, a million different things were running through my head. I’m kind of disappointed I gave away the third round like that. I know now that sitting down at my writing desk with a warm cup of chamomile tea will really help me to work through this.”
However, Penn should really find no shame in fighting the world’s No. 2 welterweight to a draw. But as we now know the 32-year-old has had other interests outside of his professional fighting career, like getting his first book of poetry on the shelves of bookstores throughout the world.
Although still looking for a publisher, Penn hopes to have his work available by late 2011.

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