TORONTO –  The water-powered jetpack is ready for lift-off and now available for consumers!
A jetpack created for use by the average citizen is now available.  Canadian inventor Raymond Li came up with a new kind of jetpack that is water-powered and will allow the flyer to hover 1000 feet in the air and zoom at speeds up to 52 miles per hour.   The jetpack will be available in May and will cost around $120,000, but could soon cost as little as $20,000.
The City of Miami has already made a commitment to buy water-powered jetpacks to help combat crime and protect their citizens..  They have ordered 15,000 jetpacks for their police, fire department and emergency service personnel.
Miami Police Chief, Miguel Exposito, who has come under fire in recent days, told the pres, “We will use these jetpacks to fight crime across the city.  We are already training 1,000 Jetpack Officers, who will hit the skies in early June.”

The water-powered jetpack, named Jetlev, initially required the flyer to be above water attached to a water hose, but Fritz Barnkopf, an American inventor, modified it (with Li’s approval) and the JetLev can store water that will provide a user up to three hours of use.  You will be able to fly anywhere you want to go!
You will be able to rent or buy the JetLev.  Some communities in-and-around Miami are setting up a JetPack Share Program to allow individuals to share a particular Jetpack.
Barnkopf explained how the Jetpack works. “Your horizontal distance is only limited by flight time… and you can scoot around at 45 mph for up to two hours.”  Barnkopf went on to say that the Jetlev isn’t all that dangerous. “Falling 30 feet  might not be pleasant, but it is not going kill you if you are wearing the proper Jetpack Pads and Jetpack Helmets.”
Below is a promo video of the Jetlev in action.  The U.S. version (designed by Barnkopf),  is in final production in Detroit.  It will be white and made of fiberglass, not carbon fiber.

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  1. i live in miami, and no such thing has been announced for this. is this something like the enquire or something? police men on jetpacks? i know the machine exists, but it takes its water from a jetski like boat that has a hose that sucks up water, it cant store water!


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