LORETO, Mexico — A pack of giant squid capsized a fishing boat in the Sea of Cortés yesterday, killing seven fishermen.
The band of sea creatures attacked the boat as it was returning to shore, creating a gruesome spectacle for late afternoon beach-goers.
“I saw four or five bodies wash up on the shore.  They were totally black and blue all over. They looked like they had been attacked by monster suction cups,” reported Timmy Irwin, a surfer visiting from San Francisco.

Witnesses say the lone survivor was barely recognizable after being dragged from the boat and chewed by several of the giant squid.

Marine biologists rushed to the scene hoping to catch at least one of the squid. Dr. Luis Santiago of the Universidad Autónoma Baja California Sur explained, “We captured one of the attackers. She is female and we believe most of the pack to be female because of their size. We also believe they coordinated the attack by using pigment cells to communicate, which is very typical in a situation like this. I’m afraid we may be seeing more of these attacks in the coming years, and possibly forever.
“Beaches in the area are closed indefinitely, and fishing boats are banned from heading out to sea until authorities can determine a squid-free safety zone.
Locals, who refer to the giant squid as “diablos rojos” – red devils, report that the legendary sea creatures have become more aggressive over the last few years. Marine biologists fear that the trend will continue because of the diminishing number of fish in their tropical hunting waters.

Many legends surround the giant squid because of their size and their gang mentality. They have eight arms and two tentacles, all covered in suction cups lined with small teeth. They also have three hearts and eyes the size of soccer balls. They hunt in groups of at least 1,000.

The giant squid can grow up to 40 feet long and 500 pounds, making them very difficult to combat. They survive so deep underwater that no light penetrates whatsoever. The pressure at that extreme level would crush any elephant or large land animal.

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  1. If you are going to post a silly pack of lies, at least you could have used a photo from Loreto. I live here in Loreto… we heard Bigfoot was just elected Governor of Utah!

    • Bill,
      Come on… Bigfoot was not elected Governor of Utah because he's been in Oregon the last month, teaching ballet (that's an AP report). As far as the photo… it IS from Loreto. We have a field reporter, Alex Colinas, stationed there. You need to get out more.
      Will let you know when Bigfoot heads down your way.
      Thank you,
      Frank Lake, Editor

  2. the pics have nothing to do with the Humboldt squid in Baja. The photos here are from the real giant squid but from other parts of the world may be Japan. The photo of the boat could be Baja, but not necessarily the one of the recent attack. If you drink and go in the water is your choice, the squids are not going to attack the boat just like that, specially in the day time.

  3. Dude, I was so there! Totally missed that though. On a related side note, we live here in Tennessee and up in the mountains we made an wonderful discovery. We found what we thought to be an animal that was well inland that was disguised as a rock, but it turned out to be an octopus that we were going to call "Russell's Roctopus" and post photos of it, but the little bugger went and grabbed my Camera and after discerning it was not edible, dropped my camera over the edge of the rock edifice before squeezing into a small fissure in the hillside and disappearing using it's natural ability to camouflage. We will be going back in the spring to see if we can't discover another. I wonder if it is related to the Pacific Coast's tree octopus.

    • damn man can't you see that this is a hoax site???? are u blind or what just see the editing in the "giant/mutant tarantula" pics…LAME

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