SACRAMENTO – Californians better prepare for doomsday because a Superstorm is on the way – and will destroy everything in its path!
Meteorologists have successfully frightened all Californians  Scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey’s (USGS) Multi Hazards Demonstration Project (MHDP) presented a document outlining the devastating effects of a massive winter storm that is heading for the state of California.
The Superstorm  will last for 40 days and dump 30 feet of water on the state, due to an “atmospheric river” that could move water “at the same rate of 90 Mississippis discharging water into the Gulf of Mexico.” Winds could reportedly reach 205 mph.

Over 100 scientists, public policy experts, and engineers are recommending that the State of California prepare for multiple emergency scenarios by shoring up already-existing infrastructure and calling in the U.S. Military to handle disaster relief. A massive earthquake drill is in the works – one that prepares authorities for 5.5 million Californians to be affected and/or displaced.
“This is going to be the most devastating storm to hit any part of the United States in the history of the United States,” said famed climatologist and government expert on natural disasters, Dr. Susan Begley.  “This Superstorm will be ten times worst than Hurricane Katrina, because it will cover a much bigger area and it will continue for days, if not weeks.”

Damage is estimated to be in the $400 billion dollar range. An estimated 1.5 million residents will have to be evacuated, and “business interruption costs” could reach $325 billion in addition to the aforementioned property costs.
“This event happens once every 100 or 200 years or so, which puts it in the same category as our big San Andreas earthquakes. This ARkStorm will have twice the strength of two historic storms (January 1969 and February 1986) put together.  “It’s the storm of the millennium,”  said Dr. Begley.
Many believe that this is Supertorm is the sign of the apocalypse.
The last time  a similar  storm struck, it covered a 300-mile stretch of the Central Valley, from 1861-1862. According to Geological Survey director Anna Pfeffer, the floods were so bad that the state capital had to be moved to San Francisco! Even larger storms are thought to have hit in the years 212, 440, 603, 1029, 1418, and 1605.
2011 will be the biggest and the deadliest year for a Superstorm – in the history of the world.
The Obama Administration is planning on issuing a warning to all California residents to prepare for the worst.  The Administration is considering ordering ALL California residents to leave the state.
Federal and state emergency management officials are gearing up for this “apocalyptic event” and will be holding a press conference with Governor Jerry Brown this weekend to talk about emergency preparations.

This may be the storm that finally be “The Big One” that makes California separate from the United States and drift off into the Pacific.
Most, media outlets are downplaying the Superstorm, so as not to cause panic.  But WWN feels it has an obligation to tell the truth to its readers and we will continue to track this deadly storm.

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  1. I went whitewater rafting on an atmospheric river in Costa Rica two summers ago. It was awesome! Totally recommend it! Book ahead so you can catch this storm. Gonna be killer!

  2. Year in, year out, people stay put in flood prone area. Water rises, they move out, water subsides, they move back.
    They are attached to where they have always lived.

  3. I f this is true, then why has it been on breaking news to start making the public aware. Also allowing people to get their money together to leave the state. So they will be above to stand on their own feet in another state. Not having to depend on their family members.
    But you must remember that God is in CHANGE. O.K.

  4. stop trying to scare us you aint fullen nobody becuase this is so fake they say this is going to happen but it never does so get alife

  5. this is so fake
    if it was real i would be crying know
    yahoo news always scares the hell out of me
    people who are scared they should not be because this fake
    90% of yahoo predictions are wrong.

  6. i think this is the goverment tryin to cover their butts or sumthin or just scare ppl cuz of all this 2012 stuff cuz they think were over populated and wanna play god and kill people watever karma is a bi*ch

  7. that is sooo scary but i believe every word ov it , and its good that you r telling people the truth ,unlike the goverment who would cover it up

    • Think so… Read the Bible then say that it's all in there. Better give your life to Jesus. while theres still time. I'm not being smart elick. I truly am warning you. God bless you

  8. just trust in the Lord everything has a purpose. He will spare those who love Him..
    there is no reason to be scared. everything was written in the Bible.

  9. if you spend time studying the soil in and around the central valley, it would seem there has been severe flooding by rains some number of times – not once as had been proposed priorly, by a flood from the giant prehistoric lake north of the valley. the depth and dispersion of the topsoil in the valley bottom, as well revelation of surface rock by erosion on the hillsides, demonstrate repeated coursing with heavy rain at times — enough to wash soil from between rocks on nearly level grade, that would reasonably hold soil and cultivate biology unless there had been occasional, recurrent, severe flooding and washing.
    look for yourself
    you are who you trust

    ACTS 2; 38

    • trust in God and his plan. Just because this world is comming to an end does not mean that you are . Remember our spirits last for eternity.This world is just a waitingroom until the doctor calls us in to judge us. There is still time to open your hearts to the lordJESUS CHRIST.Make the right choice and be good. GOD BLESS YOU!!!

  11. This must be very much scary! It should not be considered to be thing of a joke. One must not downplay that God has destined for the people of California. Why can't you leave that state and come develope an African state like Sierra Leone? where we may never have such a storm or Earthquake in Jesus Name.

  12. Super storms, super earthquake, typhoons, firestorms and all the tribulations are prophesied. So prepare ye my people seeth the Lord. Your sins have gone to the heavens and time to be cut off.

  13. Expect the Unexpected… Instead of everyone just sitting around they should be making plans.. Look at previous Disasters… No-one knows when god is going to come.. He's going to be a '' thief in the night'' read your bibles… ask for forgivness & pray that's all you can do…

  14. Just so they stay out of Texas. There's already too damn many Californians here, robbing our freedom in their never ending quest for comfort and pleasure.

  15. Um first off the children have to "disappear" since the in the great book it states that god took the children and his people. WELL there isn't a MASS DISAPPEARANCE LIST of people yet.
    SO far we dunno if this storm will happen this year next year or in 50 years as it says 150-200 years is it's re-occurance rate. Also scientists state there will be a period of weeks before it happens. So either, get out, or get ready and good luck if it hits. No biblical qoutes needed… Prayers maybe. But keep the end of the world stuff to yourselves. You are scaring innocent children for nothing.

  16. Evacuate to another state on higher ground that has normal weather. Set it up now and assign everyone an emergency bungalo that we can wait out the storm in. After the storm we can check how long we will need the temporary bungalo and go on from there.


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