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DANVILLE, Pa. — A 900-pound bull escaped on his way to slaughter and is now headed for Times Square!
A 900 pound bull has his owners and authorities in three states – Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York – on chase.  The bull appears to be heading for the Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration.
Wayne Myers of Bald Top was headed to the butcher with the raging 2-year-old bull when he stopped at a red light near a middle school Wednesday. He says that’s when then the bull made a break for it.
The bull make a break for it.  Five miles down the road, local authorities – and the owner – took some shots at the bull, but the bull dodged the bullets and headed east.
Here’s a picture of the bull from last summer:

The bull made it to Trenton, where it was seen running near a china shop where local authorities had assumed the bull was heading, but the bull then turned north, heading for the NJ Turnpike.
Governor Chris Christie, who is still on vacation and pretending the blizzard never happened, ordered NJ authorities to “stand down” against the bull.   “The Governor doesn’t want the bull killed in his state,” said Bob Clark, spokesperson for the Governor’s Office.  “He wants Mayor Bloomberg to deal with slaughtering a bull.”
How do they know the bull is headed for Times Square?
Witnesses say the bull was wearing a pair of these glasses:

If you’re in Times Square tonight… look behind you, a bull may be coming!

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