NEW JERSEY –  Donna Simpson is closing in on her quest to be The World’s Fattest Woman!
Donna Simpson, a hero to fat woman around the globe (including Oprah Winfrey), is closing in on her dream to be the fattest woman in the world.  She ate  50,000 calories on Christmas day -getting her that much closer to her 1,000lb goal.
She’s tipping the scales now at close to 720 lbs. She usually sits in a metal chair but on Christmas she busted out the concrete reinforced chair.  The chair weighted 250 pounds.
She spent two straight hours eating her Christmas dinner.  The single mother-of-two ripped into two 35lb turkeys, two maple-glazed hams, 25lbs of potatoes (15 lbs roast, 10lbs mashed), seven loaves of bread, nine pounds of herb stuffing, four pints of gravy, four pints of cranberry dressing and an astonishing 30lbs of vegetables.
And she didn’t even break a sweat.
Donna’s ate50,000 calories in her two-hour Christmas feast — as much as many people eat over the course of three weeks.
After polishing off her enormous main course, she still had plenty of room for dessert and ate a ‘salad’ made of marshmallow, cream cheese, whipped cream and cookies.

Donna’s two children, Devin, 14, and Jacqueline, three, enjoyed a more modest feast. The 5’2 Donna defended her big fat meal, saying: ‘I eat as much as I want, whenever I want but at this time of year I really go all out.
Donna, who insists she is healthy, told WWN:  “People who feel guilty about eating are hilarious. And stupid.  Thin people are stupid.”  She said she has started a non-profit organization that helps fight anorexia, bulimia and supports women who want to become morbidly obese.  “All our members have the same goal:  we want to be forklifted out of our house.”
Donna hopes to one day be the Guinness World Record holder for fattest woman. She is already on the books as the world’s fattest mother, having given birth to Jacqueline in 2007 when she weighed 576 pounds.
She makes a living from being fat, getting paid to make public appearances and keeping a website where people can pay to watch her eat.  Some even pay for a close up of her chewing.
2 portions of 35lb oven roasted turkeys
2 portions of 25lb maple glazed hams
10lbs of roast potatoes
15lbs of mashed potatoes
15lbs of chopped carrots
5lbs of sweetcorn
5lbs of roasted butternut squash
15 parcels of house-baked bread
8 pints of cranberry relish
8 pints of home-made gravy
10 lbs of herbed stuffing
1 tray of mixed green salad including salad dressing.
Already a Guinness world record holder for being the largest woman to ever give birth, Donna hopes to gain 350 pounds more and officially become the fattest woman in the world.
She got the Guinness World Record as  the world’s fattest mother, when she gave birth in 2007 weighing 505 pounds.

She needed a team of 30 medics to deliver her daughter Jacqueline during a high-risk Caesarean birth.  Afterward, she bought each of the medics 200 hundred Big Macs.
Donna met Jacqueline’s father Philippe on a dating site for plus-size people, even though he weighed only 150 pounds.
He supported her 12,000-calorie a day diet and was a ‘belly man’ who loved her enormous shape.   Philippe is known as a Fat Belly Addict.
When she  was 19 she met her first husband, who worked as a chef at a steak restaurant. “He worked night shifts and would come home at 2 or 3am and bring the leftovers with him,’ she said.
We’d stay up and eat huge piles of steak, mashed potatoes, and gravy with butter. ‘I started gaining weight quickly and my husband liked it. ‘He said I was sexier when I was bigger, and I felt happier too.’
When she was 27, Donna weighed 300 pounds, and became pregnant with her eldest son, Devin. Her marriage ended soon after and she turned to food for comfort.
By the age of 31, she weighed 390 pounds and decided to try and lose weight. She lost 75 pounds in six months and was due to have a gastric band operation.
But just before she was due to go under the knife, her friend died during a similar operation.
‘That was a sign for me,’ she said. ‘I decided it just wasn’t worth it. I like being the way I am.’
Donna, then 400 pounds , came across a website which celebrated morbidly obese women.  When she admitted her real size, Donna was flooded with emails from men.
‘They sent me gifts through the post, like protein shakes to help me put on weight faster,’ she said.
And she’s unrepentant of her weight-gain goal, despite risking her own life in the process.
‘I love eating and people love watching me eat,’ she said.
‘It makes people happy, and I’m not harming anyone.’

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22 thoughts on “WORLD'S FATTEST WOMAN”

  1. This is absurd. What.kind of influence is she on her kids. This woman is mentally I'll to actually want to be that huge. It's one thing to be obese but to intentionally put your life at risk for a "world record" is insane.

  2. I am half her size. She makes me feel good about who i am. Fat people have for too long been make fun of or pushed around. We have the same rights to be who we are just like anyone else. I might not try at being far. But nether do I try or worry about losing any weight. I don't eat all that that. I am just not what many call an active person. Donna is a healthy person and so am I. Most fat people are.
    And as to what kind of influence she is to her children. She teaching them to not make fun of anyone for their various differences..
    I applaud Donna. And to me she is indeed a hero to all of us who are fat and refuse to be ashamed of being fat.. 🙂

    • @Cathryn,
      Would you still applaud her if she decided to starve herself in the attempt to being the world's thinnest person? Or are you just content in thinking someone out here is heavier than you are ( 'She makes me feel good about who I am)? Completely irresponsible behavoir. There are health risks associated with being this heavy, plain and simple.

    • Exactly. My wife weighs over 700lbs and we have 3 children. She is an exemplary mother, business owner and operator and role model. She is showing our 3 children that no matter what size you are or how you are perceived by others you can still be a positive force in the world and live your best life under any circumstances. Those who sit in judgement of others are small trite people who judge people simply to feel superior. It’s a form of toxic narcissism that leads people down that road.

  3. I find this story sad & depressing that someone would pay this woman to jeopardize her health like this. Her heart can only work so hard for so long & her bone structure was not meant to carry this much weight. Is she even thinking of the possiblity of dying and leaving her children as orphans??? Who would care for them??? This is really messed up!!

  4. Meanwhile, people in Africa and Asia starve. This hideous excess, greed and sheer ignorance has become synonymous with American and western cultures across the globe. This woman is nothing but a leech – making a living by posting videos of herself gobbling down whatever she can get her hands on? Not to mention the drain on public resources she is (See: 50 medics needed for her to give birth)
    Put this whale down.

    • You obviously have no idea what drives global famine, poverty, and or economic inequity. Your comment is typical of your ignorant breed.

  5. Big deal, my fiancé is heavier than her and eats just as much if not more. She’s 27 years old and 622lbs. People have no idea just how many super fatties are out there and only pay attention when someone like Donna Simpson makes a fool out of her self. People need to shut up and mind their own business. They need to just accept fat people for whom and what they are and move on. It’s a fact that some people are just born gluttons and cannot resist the temptation to eat constantly. It’s an emotional, genetic and hormonal reaction to life as perceived by certain individuals. Everyone has a hot button that really floats their boat; everyone seeks some kind of thrill and they need that thrill to cope with life. For some its money, for some it’s material goods, for some it’s the pursuit of knowledge, for some its violence and for some its food and these are just a fraction of obsessions and thrills people need and seek. What ever it is, it makes them happy and it’s also a big part of who they are. Making fun of them or criticizing them is akin to making fun of someone based on their hair or skin color. It’s just ignorant.

  6. you all need to leave Donna Simpson alone! I have known her since she was 18 yrs old.I have not met a more kinder and loving person in my life.I am blessed to have her as my friend. So what if she wants to be the size she is. Shes a grown adult and able to make her own lifes choices.She is happy with her life,and her kids are lucky to have her as their mom. How many of you can really say that you are truly happy? I thought so. Think before you speak.


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