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$11000 GUITAR

NEW YORK – Jake Gyllenhaal bought an $11,000 guitar for his new girlfriend, Taylor Swift, on her 21st birthday.
Jake Gyllenhaal gave girlfriend Taylor Swift a guitar worth 11,000-dollars on her 21st birthday.  The legendary American guitarist Chet Atkins has signed the guitar.  So has Gene Simmons of Kiss.
The expensive gift topped a week where he introduced his new girl to his family, including sister Maggie Gyllenhaal and his four-year-old niece Ramona on a recent trip to New York. The two had been spotted flirting around local coffee shops in Brooklyn and Nashville in recent weeks.
“Taylor is smitten. She loves how nice and affectionate he is,” said a source. The age difference hasn’t seemed to be a problem for the lovebirds either. “Jake likes that Taylor is sweet, low-key and very easy to be around,” added a source.
Jake Gyllenhaal is certainly scoring some big-time boyfriend brownie points with his new girlfriend Taylor Swift.
But, maybe not.  Apparently Gyllenhaal isn’t the best at picking out guitars.  Here’s the guitar he bought for her:

“What the hell kind of guitar is he buying her,”  said legendary guitar expert, David de Andrade.  “He buys her a Flying V.  He thinks that’s what she wants?  He got ripped off too… I can get him that guitar for $600.  What a tool.”
Jake got the hot hint about the special instrument when Taylor reportedly mused over a guitar during a recent trip to Nashville. Jake thought he was buying a vintage Gretsch guitar, but he picked out the wrong one.
“Jake’s always been a little slow on the uptick,” said his sister Maggie Gyllenhaal.  “I wanted an iPod for Christmas a few years ago and he bought me a Walkman.”
Wonder what he’s going to get her for Christmas?

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  1. If that is the guitar, he bought her, they saw him coming, I mean they truely and deeply reamed this guy! I believe I have one of those guitars, (pictured above) given to me by a friend who did'nt what it anymore. It's a beginners guitar, made for entry level players. I have a number of high end guitars so I rarely touch this one. If I'm right it's a Dean VX Electric Guitar. This guitar can be bought at any music store for far less than 250 dollars. This is not the Gretsch Guitar signed by Chet Atkins, I had originally read that he had bought her. If this is true, it's amazing what love can make a person do..


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