MALIBU, CA –  One of Biggest Loser finalists tried to eat her competitors!

Correspondence on the set of the hit NBC reality show The Biggest Loser announced this morning that Elizabeth, wasn’t kicked off the show by voters – she was thrown off for trying to eat the other contestants!

The Weekly World News uncovered emails from NBC executives dated December 12 showing that Elizabeth was actually trying to consume the other contestants during the most recent taping.

“There have been many complaints from the other contestants saying that they wake up feeling oily, like they were coated in butter.” said one email by Danny Jordan, associate producer of The Biggest Loser.

In another email to producer David Braun, Jordan is quoted as saying, “I’m not sure what to do about this, David. Some of the contestants are coming up to me and complaining that Elizabeth has been trying to rub them down with garlic and paprika. Ada even showed me a bite mark on her left butt cheek. Something strange is going on here, and if we don’t do something about it, someone’s going to get hurt.”

Further correspondence reveals that Patrick had woken up on multiple occasions only to see Elizabeth basting his calves with brown gravy.

Patrick had already begun to suspect that Elizabeth wanted to eat him due to the hungry looks that she continually shot his way. “I thought that she was hungry like the rest of us were at first. But then I started to see something deeper, more ravenous in her eyes”, stated Patrick in a press conference to media correspondents.

An incident report dated December 13 stated the following eye-witness account of the monstrous act:
Elizabeth and I were watching TV together at the Biggest Loser ranch. Anyways, we were watching Skating with the Stars, so naturally I fell asleep. But when I woke up, Elizabeth was standing over me with a turkey baster in one hand and knife in the other. She wanted to eat me like I was a Butterball turkey!”

“It was horrifying!” he added. “Elizabeth even had a bib that said Celebrate Everyday on it! Where the heck did she get that thing?”

At that point Patrick filed a police report against Elizabeth to have her kicked off the show.
As of press time, no criminal charges have yet to be filed against Elizabeth.


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