LOS ANGELES –  Manu Ginobili had an encounter with a UFO off court – and on.

Manu Ginobili saw a UFO in Los Angeles last week, and the part of the incident was captured on video.

TMZ.com has the exclusive footage of the encounter outside the arena, in which the San Antonio Spurs star can be seen looking at something strange in the LA night sky.

Was it a plane, or was it an Unidentified Flying Object?

Authorities confirmed today that it was a UFO.  A UFO that apparently is stalking the Argentinian star.   Ginobili first saw the UFO while running down the court in the third quarter of the Spurs game against the Los Angeles Lakers.  Ginobili fell to the ground and pointed to the ceiling of the Staples Center, “I see a UFO, I see a UFO,”  Ginobili shouted to his confused teammates and the Lakers.

Ginobili then ran around the arena, trying to convince everybody that the UFO was going to crash through the ceiling of the Staples Center.  His teammates didn’t seem worried, but they did see the UFO as well:

Later, outside the arena, Ginobili saw the UFO again.  That’s when TMZ caught him on tape.

Ginobili apparently decided to research the matter himself.  He determined that alien spaceship was from Planet Zeeba.  “I could tell by the red triangular formulations underneath the spaceship.”   Ginobili plans to go to Washington D.C. to confirm his sighting with the government.

Ginobili told everyone that men in dark suits and sunglasses had showed up at his front step and told him that they were from Planet Zeeba and meant no harm to him – not only that, but they told him they were big fans of his.

Ginobili also denied claims that it was a weather balloon.  “There is a government cover-up going on,  it’s just like Rosewell.”

“The good thing is I’m not the only one that saw it,” Ginobili said. “I’m not totally crazy.”

Ginobili is convinced that there is life on other planets and that there is an alien invasion occurring at this very moment.   He hopes to one day travel to Planet Zeeba. “Maybe they play basketball there.”


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22 thoughts on “MANU GINOBILI UFO”

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  2. LMAO!!!!!!!! It must be nice to have millions of dollars to spend on the drugs this fool was taken when he saw that kids toy airplane flying over with that little GREEN army guy in the seat!!!!!

  3. Isn't he a big enough star ?? Does he really have to MAKE UP a story of UFO'S ???


  4. Well, this one is hard to dispute, since thousands saw it, and a credible celebrity has said flt out that he has been visited by aliens, that he believes aliens are here (apparently in invade mode?) and– AND — the "authorities" confirmed it was a UFO.

    Well hell. AND this guy is an athlete. Huh. No more guffaws and pointed fingers of ridicule at the local sports bar over UFO and alien stories.

    This struck right in America's Heartland – at the millions of Joe the plumber, John the handyman, and the rest of the 30- 40- 50-something MEN who worship the courts/fields/slopes these athletes play on yet have been the HARDIEST of UFO naysayers.


    I don't know how to act.

    NOW we have to decide if this is a propaganda move on the part of the Powers That Be to discombobulate the citizenry further— in addition to the economy, the recent GI-normous tax-break extension concession to the upper (super wealthy) .5% who are sooo suffering in this economy.
    (And, by the way, how many people who make OVER $200K do YOU know personally? THAT "extension" to the (ahem) "middle" class <??> is certainly not going to be reaped by anyone in MY 'hood).

    OR is this a politico-military fake-out engineered to divert our attention while the Lobbyist-Congress plans to do something nefarious ( even MORE nefarious than the recent "tax extension" bizarreness, I mean) in D.C. while we're looking the other way .

    Like MORE WAR?

    Just what the aliens wanta see, I'll bet.

    Which brings up the question 'COULD our crapped-out Congress, that mills around like a bunch of cattle in a pen, actually get it together enough to do ANYTHING except nod their heads up and down, even with the Pentagon's directions?'

    I dunno.

    Nah. Probably not.

    But now all eyes will be on the Visitor's court….looking skyward.

    This kinda reminds me of the Volkswagen commercials of long ago when it was first introduced in America. They started out with HUGE laugh-tracks, and the laughter dwindled…and dwindled….to an "Ahem" and silent acceptance.

    They ARE here. Huh. Whoa. Things are getting interesting.

  5. this is on the real and ive had similar exspieriences and of course im not the only one i know whos seen them but i was put through an abduction attempt or coverup of an actual abduction by alien greys ,the cover up being in that i dont believe i actualy frieghtend them away when i hollerd for my mom to come to my aid , if thehy want you they got you ,i believe ive had a sharp increase in my abilities of physchic awareness ,wich at times has been opf great help and once over i when making an observation of my visions to another through verbalization "I HAVE NEVER BEEN WRONG"

  6. Red Bull is to blame.. :)) Cut it out guys..not Manu's fault..

    Red Bull had skydivers with extreme flares that's why it looked like a glowing aircraft..

    The company itself confirmed it to TMZ..


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