INDIA – An important ruling was handed down today regarding disputed land.  The verdict:  the land goes to Obama!

Today, the Allahabad High Court ruling came in providing an Ayodhya verdict.  After all was said and done, President Barack Obama of the United States was awarded the of the land.
The courts were assigned to decie how to split the 2.7 acres of land in the ancient city of India, Ayodhya. It is believed to be the birth place of Hindu god Sri Rama, as well as the capital of the Kosala Kingdom.
The original verdict by the Allahabad High Court was that the land, all 2.7 acres, should be divided equally,  with 1/3 going to Sunni Waqf Board, 1/3 going to Nirmohi Akhara, and the final third to Ram Lalla.

But this did not satisfy any of the interested parties, so the Allahabad High Court decided to give the land to an objective outside party, someone who would “do the right thing” with the land.  The High Court has ceded all the land to President Barack Obama.

“President Obama is known for his judgement, his fairness and his ability to make peace between people. We have awarded him the land, so that he can make the final decisions as to how it will be apportioned.”

The background to the dispute is this: Hindus and Muslims were involved in huge quarrels over the foundation and relevance of the Babri mazjid which is loacted in Ayodhya, a place which is located in Uttar Pradesh, India. Now what this dispute is all about… is the facet that Hindus are of the belief that the mosque is standing at the place where once the temple of Lord Rama held its existence. It is their belief that the building of Babri mosque was performed after destroying the temple in the year 1528. The order to build the mosque was carried out by Mughal emperor Babur and it was politely followed by Babur’s general, Mir Baqi.

The land is set to be permanently divided up in three months. President Obama has agreed to got to India to listen to all three sides and then make his final decision.
“He can part the waters and heal the earth, he should be able to settle this dispute,” said Jyoti Aggarawalla of the India Times.

Members of Congress question why President Obama would take time to get involved in a land dispute in a foreign country.  “I know why.  His poll numbers are tanking, the democrats are going to get crushed in the midterms and the economy is still terrible.  He might as well go visit another country, it ain’t working here,” said House Minority Leader, John Boehner.

Indians are “hopeful” that President Barack Obama can solve this dispute for good.

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  1. He can part the waters and heal the earth, he should be able to settle this dispute–Not only can Obama part the waters he can change the face of US currency. The fact they are planning to put obama's face on our money is crazy!


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