NEW YORK, NY – It’s Lil Wayne’s birthday and the rapper has made a shocking announcement!
Lil Wayne turns 28 today and he’s made this day a very special one. The “best rapper alive” has a knack for making his birthdays both extravagant and newsworthy. For his 26th birthday, Lil Wayne received a Louis Vuitton briefcase with $1 million cash in it. For his 27th, the rapper got a $1 million diamond-encrusted Chopard watch and a birthday cake covered in real diamonds. Although he’s behind bars for this birthday, that’s not stopping him from making it just as exciting.
Lil Wayne has thrown out a double-whammy. First off, he dropped his newest album, “I Am Not a Human Being” LP, digitally at midnight on Monday (September 27) so his fans could celebrate Weezy’s birthday with a load of otherworldly flows and soundscapes. Any album that Lil Wayne throws out there is always met with much anticipation and high expectations. Even behind bars, the Young Money CEO gets cake everyday (that’s code for “makes money”).
While that is certainly great, Lil Wayne’s second announcement might be even bigger. It’s no surprise that Weezy could use a slight image makeover. From his partying to his drinking “that purple stuff” and his drug possession to having more kids than he can count – Lil Wayne hasn’t exactly been a role model for society. With that said, Weezy is taking a step in the direction to becoming a more positive influence. He’s announced that he’s reached out to PhD Ape in the hopes of getting his image back together.
“I’m not some young gun anymore,” Lil Wayne told Weekly World News. “I’m 28 and only getting older. It’s time for me to focus on the things that matter – family, music and the fans. I won’t lie – I’ve had a great time. But being behind bars has given me a lot of time to think. And not being on that purple stuff has certainly allowed me to think clearly. It’s def a good move for me and I hope PhD Ape will kick it with me.”
PhD is a master craftsmen in his own right. He can turn even the most dysfunctional of individuals into model citizens. The harder the case, the more joy PhD Ape seems to get out of it. Working with a multi-winning Grammy artist would be another great highlight to his already impressive resume.
“Lil Wayne is as talented as they come,” PhD Ape told us. “However, amidst all the lights, fame and attention – he lost track of where he was heading. He got mixed up in the wrong things with some of the wrong people. No big deal. He’s 28, but he’s an old 28. He’s been in this industry for a long time now and he’s seen his fair share of things. Honestly, I just think he needs someone to talk to – it should be easy to put him back on track.”
Perhaps if PhD Ape works his magic – as he always does – Lil Wayne could team up with Bat Boy and help fight the ongoing epidemic that is White Nose Syndrome….

Because lets face it – the two might as well have been separated at birth.

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  1. Perhaps if PhD Ape works his magic – as he always does – Lil Wayne could team up with Bat Boy and help fight the ongoing epidemic that is White Nose Syndrome…. If this happens the world will not come to an end in 2012. Question for weekly world news: Can bat boy eat 10 times his weight in bugs?


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