LIMA – Rabid vampire bats are swarming over Lima!
Vampire Bats, by the thousands, have been flying out of the Amazon and swarming all over Peru!
Many Peruvians are hiding indoors at night, afraid that they will be attacked.
Francisco Borlano, a doctor, said there has been a rabies outbreak because of the vampire bats and it has been going on for months.  “We’re on the verge of a major rabies outbreak,” said Borlano.
“These bats feed at night, and since they do not find large animals they bite unprotected people,” Borlano was quoted as saying by the paper.  “And they particularly like young women wearing tight skirts.”
“We are worried about the teenage girls more than anyone else,” said Alejandro Neva, a representative for the Peruvian government.  “They are obsessed with vampires and they think that they are not dangerous.  Some even think they will turn into beautiful young men.”
Authorities are worried that many across Peru will become ill and some may die.  “I cannot discount the death toll mounting, because unfortunately we cannot get them the vaccines quickly enough because the communities are so remote,” Borlano added.
The communities of Wampis and Awajun in Condorcanqui province, near Ecuador, have been affected the most.
Borlano said there were reports that 33,500 people had been bitten by vampire bats in the last three weeks.  Twenty people have died.
It takes 15 hours traveling along rivers by boat for medical teams to reach the remote villages, the newspaper said.
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  1. Hah! Makes it sound as if there really was something to be worried about. However, as the article states, these incidents are in an isolated part of the jungle, removed by many hundreds of miles from any center of population at all. And these reports have drifted in over many months, not just all at once. Not a source of concern to anyone here in Peru other than those in that remote tribe.

  2. thats weird, i havent seen any….and of course I am living in Lima and with this cold i also havent seen any girl with tight skirts…


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