DALLAS – The Dallas Morning News supports Bat Boy’s fight against White-Nose Syndrome!
Below is the text of the article today Michael Merschel, an Editor of the Dallas Morning News:
Books blog hits new low? Not quite.
Even with the news about Lincoln sprayed across the top, and a big ol’ picture of the Bat Boy checking his cellphone staring up at me, I was still going to resist writing about Going Mutant: The Bat Boy Exposed.
But when the poster of the Weekly World News creation fell off the cubicle wall where I had taped it, there was some actual news a Texan could use.
The Bat Boy may be fictional, but his creators are promising to promote www.batboyowns.com “to raise awareness and funds for the battle against White-Nose Syndrome, an affliction that has taken the lives of more than 1 million bats of six species since its discovery in 2006 and which threatens to spread across North America.”
That last bit is real and genuinely scary: You can read about it at this link from Austin-based Bat Conservation International. Bat Boy’s partnership with the group will be promoted by the Weekly World News team. And as we have seen today, they excel at promotion.
The press release quotes Susan Kwasniak, director of marketing for Bat Conservation International: “Desperate times call for out-of-the-box measures, and a partnership with Bat Boy certainly fits that bill! Bat Boy is a character with a huge following, especially among the young and eco-conscious.”
I haven’t read the book. Don’t really intend to. But if mentioning it helps save a bat, well, I’m willing to do that. And that’s not just so that I look good to our new alien overlords, who are due to announce their arrival at any moment. I actually suspect there are a few of them already in the publishing industry, but I’m not at liberty to name names.
Well, WWN is going to get Michael to read the book, you can count on it!   And if you want it you can find it here at www.buybatboy.com.
Happy reading! And help Bat Boy fight White-Nose Syndrome!!

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