WASHINGTON, DC – Glenn Beck told his audience last night that he is related to Martin Luther King, Jr.
Right-wing media star Glenn Beck will lay claim to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy in a rally Saturday on the National Mall, in the exact location that MLK gave his “I Have a Dream” speech.  Beck reserved the Lincoln Monument over a year ago for his rally.
Black Civil Rights leaders are furious that Beck snagged the Lincoln Memorial  on the 47th anniversary of the Dr. King’s historic March on Washington.  The Rev. Al Sharpton, however,  is planning his own rally, which will be held at Dunbar High School in DC.   Rev. Sharpton said that “Beck has no business being on at the Lincoln Memorial on MLK’s anniversary.  No business.”
Glenn Beck surprised Sharpton and other Black leaders when he said last night, “the fact is, I deserve to be there more than they deserve to be there.  Martin Luther King, Jr. was my brother.  We might have been born at different times to different parents, but he is my brother.”
Asked how Beck can make such a preposterous claim Beck said, “I was sitting in the den of my mansion in Connecticut and Martin Luther King’s appeared, sat down next to me.  He said we were brothers in another life and that we still are brothers and always will be brothers.  Martin Luther King is the one who told me to hold this rally. I’m just honoring his wishes.”
Sharpton responded to Beck’s claim, “I thought Beck was a little crazy before, but now I know that he got hit on the head when he was a kid.   Must’ve been a big rock. The man is certifiably insane.”
Beck said that not only did MLK tell him that he was his brother, but MLK told him “Glenn Beck, you are a black man.  You are the blackest black men in American right now.”  Beck told WWN, “I’m black and I’m proud and on Saturday, I’m going to say it out loud.”  Sharpton said, “If he’s black, then I’m a mermaid.”  Beck then challenged Sharpton to a “black-off” to see who can be more black. Sharpton declined.
Beck also made the wild claim that he was with MLK when King made his “I Have a Dream Speech” in 1963.   This makes no sense, given that Beck was born in 1964, but Beck offered this picture as proof that he was there:

Beck’s rally will be taking place at the Lincoln Memorial between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. this Saturday.  DC Police are expecting 50,000-100,000 people.  Glenn Beck estimates that there will be over 10 million people at the mall.  “We’ll be ten times better than the Million Man March.  Why?  Because I’m better than everybody.”
The rally’s official theme is “Restoring Honor.”  But the unofficial themes are: “Glenn Beck Is A Black Man,”  “The Glenn Beck Rally For Glenn Beck.”
There was no comment from Abraham Lincoln about the rally.  But Frank Lake of WWN will get him to talk this Saturday.

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6 thoughts on “BECK: "MLK IS MY BROTHER"”

  1. Nice! I was actually looking to find out the "real" story behind what this rally is about tomorrow, but I think I would probably prefer your version to the boring truth.

  2. I saw the turn out for the Glenn Beck Rally and after Bat Boy showed up it was game over, Al sharpton doesn't stand a chance with his national action network. The restoring honor rally is going to be huge when they show Bat Boy making his announcement on the Jon Stewart show. Bat Boy will begin taking down the walls of Racial Politics and the haze over the moon landing.
    Where was Sarah Palin during all of this? WWN/Frank Lake–When are we going to see the Million Mutant March?

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