NEW YORK, NY – Teens are facing an epidemic – there might be one culprit behind it all!
Teens are experiencing an all time high in hearing loss. A stunning new national study has found that one in five teen has lost a little bit of hearing. Teens today are immersed in a world of technology that did not exist 20 years ago. Some experts are saying that digital music players are to blame, but what they really mean is that Apple Inc. is to blame.
iPods, iPhones, iPads – when it comes to technology, Apple pretty much has it covered. The tech giant has spread like a bad viral outbreak and their products have become an essential for many individuals – especially teens. Apple has always been a super secretive and protective company, treating any of its extensions like a child. It seems as though the method to their madness has been revealed – instill a national epidemic of hearing loss.
The researchers of this study analyzed data on 12 to 19-year-olds from a nationwide health survey. They compared hearing loss in nearly 3,000 kids tested from 1984-94 to nearly 1,800 kids tested over 2005-06. The prevalence of hearing loss increased from about 15 percent to 19.5 percent. Even slight hearing loss can cause problems in school and set the stage for hearing aids in later life.
All part of Apple’s plan. The “evil empire” – if you will – has been developing a new line of hearing and teaching tools. iBuds – Apple’s take on hearing aids – and iTutor – Apple’s teaching aid that helps teens understand words they might not otherwise due to hearing loss – have been in development for the last few years.
When the teen population is extrapolated, nearly 6.5 million have developed at least slight hearing loss. Those with slight hearing loss “will hear all of the vowel sounds clearly, but might miss some of the consonant sounds” such as t, k, and s, said Dr. Gary Curhan of Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.
Apple is renewing the consumer pool. A case of supply and demand. That is at least 6.5 million individuals that are going to need help hearing and perhaps paying attention in school. That spells a nice little chunk of new revenue for the company and is falling in line with their plans. While the researchers didn’t want to single out the company directly – perhaps out of fear for their life – Weekly World News knows the real truth behind the epidemic. Beware of the Apple!


  1. APPLE is evil! I have been telling people this for the past 5 years and yet everyone goes and buys one of their products. I am telling you they are leaking battery acid into the air.

  2. I hear time and time again that these products are causing hearing loss. More needs to be done to warn people about the damage that these devices can do. It is difficult to persuade a generation of teens to turn it down though!


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