HOLLYWOOD – Chris Brown will be joining the cast of Pretty Little Liars for season 2.
Pretty Little Liars season one finale aired last night on ABC Family. In the episode, the girls think ‘A’ might ruin the “glamping” (glamour + camping) trip that they’re going on and the case of Alison’s death got a bit more severe as the FBI opted to get involved after new evidence had been discovered.
The episode’s vivid conclusion took place in the woods, where most of the show’s characters gathered for mean girl Mona’s birthday party. The big question at the end of the episode (and for all of season 1) is:   Who is “A”?
For those who have not yet see this mega-hit show, “A” is the mysterious person who threatens to reveal the girls secrets (past and present).  She leaves threatening texts and messages for the PLLs – keeping the girls in a constant state of worry and fear.
The writers of the finale left the identity of “A” still a mystery, but ABC Family may have given it away this morning when they announced that Chris Brown will be joining the cast for Season 2.
ABC Family’s yet-to-be-named new President said  she (or he) was thrilled that Brown accepted the offer to be part of PLL.  “He’s the number one male artist for teenage girls, who think he’s “hotter than hotness” and… he has some  experience with intimidation and making threats. “He’s a perfect fit.”  The title of last night’s finale was “Keep Your Friends Close” which is similar to Chris Brown’s personal motto:  “Yo, Stay In The Car!”
Chris Brown, also known as Breezy or Chris Breezy, or Cuddle Bear, will be joining the cast at the end of August. The show’s writers don’t want to give away who “A” is yet, but as one writer said, “it’s hard to come up with a character that would tease teenage girls, but having Chris Brown in the cast solves that believability issue.”  Rumors that Rhianna will be joining the cast as well… are false.  But they may be true.
Brown is anxious to get on set. “There’s some fine looking boo in that cast. I plan on getting to know them all, especially that girl that plays Hanna, she’s got a little more for me to love.”  Brown’s agent, Tad Green of WME, said that “teenage girls expect Chris to have his shirt off in every scene,  so we had the producers guarantee that.  It’s going to be a fun season for Chris.”
In the first episode of the second season, another teenage girl (a contortionist) has gone missing, and two birthday clowns  have been assaulted. There will be a lot of intrigue during the season  as viewers try to figure out who is responsible for these tragic events.  Spoiler alert:  Chris Brown.
Chris Brown will be singing his hit, “Take You Down,” in the first episode of season 2.  Check it:


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