RENO – Operation Beautiful was started to boost women’s self-esteem. Operation Big will do the same for men.
Caitlin Boyle, a 24-year-old blogger from Orlando, was tired of women demeaning themselves all the time in front of the mirror.  So one day, Caitlin scribbled a note on a Post-it: “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!” and slapped it on the mirror of a public bathroom.  Then she wrote about it on her blog.
Two days after her post, she received e-mails from readers around the world who themselves were leaving their own Post-it notes of encouragement in their own towns and cities. Caitlin soon launched OperationBeautiful.com and posted these notes. A movement has begun!  Women are being empowered across the globe.
But, men are quickly following suit.
WWN’s own Frank Lake, stood at a urinal near a mirror in the bathroom of Circus Circus in Reno and, once again, was beating himself up because of his… size. He scribbled a note on a Post-it:  “YOUR ARE BIG” and slapped it on the mirror.  Several bar patrons saw Frank with his pants down by the bathroom sink  and pummeled him. But a bruised and battered Frank was undeterred.   He rushed back to his two-star motel room and wrote this post.
Ever before this was posted on WWN, men around the world were posting “You Are Big” notes on mirrors all across the world.  Operationbig.com is under construction and will be launching in a week.
Women, who are part of Operation beautiful, are putting messages like these  on mirrors:
** “You are beautiful, inside and out!”
** “Take a diet from negative thoughts. Fill yourself with positive ones”
** “You can overcome anything because you are strong and beautiful.”
** “Don’t be a copy of everyone else—be an ORIGINAL of yourself!”
** “Love yourself. You deserve it!”
Men, who are part of Operation Big, are putting messages like these on mirrors:
** You are bigger than all your friends.
** You are hung like a moose
** You are a stallion!
** The ladies can’t handle you!
OPERATION BEAUTIFUL is a marvelous testament to the power of beauty, encouragement and self-love, reminding all women that loving oneself fully is the only way to truly be successful in life. OPERATION BIG is a testament to the shallowness, one-track–mindedness and obsession with sex… reminding all men that they are speical and they they can conquer the world, and women – in that order.
All men need support, join Operation Big!  Please write a Post-It on a mirror, help a guy out.
Here’s the Operation Beautiful video.  The Operation Big video will be coming soon.

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  1. Instead of filling the various bovines in ladies rooms with false senses of security, maybe the post its on the mirrors should say "you should get the salad" or "women skinnier than you are more beautiful". You know, motivate them to lose a couple of lbs so they are prettier to me.


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