CLEVELAND COUNTY, NC – The search for Bigfoot has been reignited after one man claims spotting the mythical creature!
If Tim Peeler is right, Bigfoot is alive and well and blonde. The Cleveland County resident told local authorities that he had an encounter with the 10-foot tall creature. The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office has filed the case as a “suspicious person report” but says it is keeping an open mind.
Peeler claims that he was calling coyotes, but instead got an unexpected visit from the hard-to-find creature.
“Instead of them, him,” Peeler told NBC affiliate WCNC NewsChannel 36.
“This thing was 10-foot tall. He had beautiful hair,” Peeler added, saying that it looked like the creature had six fingers on each hand.
“I come out here and rough-talked him and run him off,” Peeler said. But the creature wasn’t done and returned. “I said, ‘Get away from here! Get! Get! and he went right back up that path again.”
Sgt. Mark Self of the sheriff’s office responded to the suspicious-person call placed by Peeler.
“It doesn’t bother me now – I don’t think there’s anything to it,” Self said. “If we see something, we’ll try to capture it and take it into custody.”

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  1. I am sorry but i do not think you should capture him. He should be left alone. He has not harmed anyone so leave him alone and let him live his life!

    • That is older then that, it's from the patterson-gimlin film filmed in October 20, 1967. It looks like frame 352. I think Washington state will be where it will be captured if it will ever be captured.

  2. Some of the pictures look like the “Saunemin Giant” around 5 Mile Creek near Saunemin IL. Some believe that the Saunemin Giant is a ghost, while others think it is just a very large man, some even say it could be a bigfoot. Pictures from hidden infrared game cameras were posted at a store in Saunemin. The Saunemin Giant is has black or very dark brown fur. Some thinlk it’s a raggedy coat rather than fur. Some report that a Saunemin Giant or a group of them threw large stones at them, damaging motorcyles, ATVs, and causing numerous lacerations and bruises.

  3. There have been pictures of similar creatures near Saunmein IL. , That's why they are known as the Saunemin Giant. They have been photographed along 5 Mile Creek by hidden infrared automatic game cameras. The pictures were posted in a guy's business near Saunemin,IL. They've been talking about the Saunemin Giant for years. Some say it's a giant ghost.

  4. That does resemble the pictures of the Saunemin Giant somewhat, but there are some folks who believe the Saunemin giant is actually a ghost or some even think it could just be a giant hermit that lives in the woods around 5 Mile Creek in Saunemin.


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