NEW YORK, NY – One bartender got in a little trouble thanks to his fire trick!
Albert Trummer has cultivated quite the reputation as an exceptional bartender. He’s also known for his “fireball” pyrotechnic display. On Sunday, his pyrotechnics got him arrested.
Trummer, 40, is the owner and bartender of Apotheke on Doyers St. in Chinatown. The fame of his bar and skills had grown so much that he was even featured on “The Real Housewives of New York City.” He was busted at 2 a.m. by undercover fire marshals, officials said.
The bartender coated the bar with various liquors and ignited them, sparking a roaring fired across the length of the 20-foot counter, according to FDNY Chief Fire Marshal Robert Byrnes.
While a spectacle to the bar patrons, the three undercover fire marshals were not impressed. They claimed that the roaring inferno created a dangerous situation for the more than 100 patrons inside.
“His statement upon arrest was: ‘It’s just a show.’ But Mr. Trummer was warned about this type of behavior,” Byrnes said.
Trummer’s Web site describes his pyrotechnic displays as the bar’s central appeal as it tries to re-create the absinthe dens of 19th century Paris. “the bar is no longer a bar – it’s a stage, a chemistry lab, a theater,” the flashy watering hole’s Web site claims. “Trummer throws liquid fire from flasks.”
It seems as though the bartender’s appearance on “the Real Housewives of New York City” may have been his undoing. Fire Marshals said they got a tip, and it’s hard to believe that his appearance on the show wasn’t that tip.

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