LOS ANGELES, CA – Even during tough times, one Clippers’ fan has not lost an ounce of dedication!
Clipper Darrel gives a new meaning to the word dedication. The Los Angeles Clippers haven’t been good since seemingly forever, yet Darrell has managed to attend 385 straight Clippers home games. His love for his favorite team doesn’t stop there.
Even when the Clippers miraculously sell out a game, Darrell isn’t hard to spot. For every home game, he’s the one in the shiny red and blue suit, leading the crowd in cheers and genuinely being the happiest guy in attendance even if the Clippers aren’t winning – which is often. Frankie Muniz and Billy Crystal are well-known celebrities who claim the Clippers as their favorite team, but Darrell takes the cake as biggest, die-hard Clippers fan.
Not impressed yet? Well, aside from buying season tickets to the Clippers for nine seasons, Darrell also did some work on his BMW 7-series. By work we mean shelling out $12,000 to customize his car to show his dedication to his favorite team. Getting into his memorabilia collection could run pages, but just be assured that he puts your collection to shame.
Darrell is also hoping for an early Christmas as he’s done his part to try and lure the biggest free agent in the NBA, Lebron James, to the Clippers this summer. The odds aren’t in the Clippers favor, but they haven’t been in their favor for years. At some point something has to give and hopefully Darrell’s dedication will be re-payed.

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