CANADA – Our northern neighbors have come under fire for some lavish construction plans!
Canada will play host to a 72-hour diplomatic jamboree which includes the G-8 summit of industrialized democracies and the broader G-20 that includes major advanced and developing economies. Canada’s Conservative government has been severely criticized for spending huge sums to host both summits which will take place at the end of June, including two million dollars on a fake lake inside the media center.
The artificial lake will reportedly include canoes, trees, lounge chairs and a fake dock. It is being built in downtown Toronto to showcase the site of the June 25-26 G-8 summit in Huntsville, 140 miles north of Toronto, which will be accessible to only a handful of journalists. The G-20 summit will meet in Toronto.
Canada is already known for its pristine natural beauty, so spending two million on a fake lake seems a little farfetched. Not to mention the fact that Toronto is mere blocks away from a Great – and real – Lake. The criticism has sparked the term, “Fakelakegate.”
More than 3,000 journalists are expected at the June 25-27 events. Canada is spending an estimated 900 million dollars to accommodate both summits. The display called “The Canadian Corridor” is supposed to make up for what the media are missing.
Politician Mark Holland has a contrasting opinion on the budgeting.
“This is supposed to be a meeting about dealing with the international debt crisis. We’re supposed to be leading the world in showing austerity and we invite them to our doorsteps to sit around a two million dollar fake lake. I mean it’s pretty ridiculous,” Holland said.

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