SOUTH AFRICA – Every other World Cup team is going to wish they had a teammate like the superstar from Cameroon!
When it comes to Cameroon soccer, Samuel Eto’o will go down as one of the best footballers the country has ever produced. Although he has love for the game, his teammates and country, his superstar status definitely goes to his head a little bit.
Eto’o loves his money – a lot. So much so that he put in jeopardy his move to Inter Milan last year by demanding a 15 percent cut of the transfer fee and threatening legal action against Barcelona. His love for money makes his recent news a little more shocking.
The Cameroon star said goodbye to about $1.3 million, buying his World Cup teammates a personalized $42,000 watch. According to the Daily Mail, “Eto’o has spent £900,000 on designer watches for his Cameroon colleagues. The Inter Milan star had vowed to buy £29,000 time-pieces for players and staff after they qualified.”
The act shouldn’t be seen as solely selfless on the part of Eto’o. The time-piece purchase comes shortly after comments from Cameroonian soccer legend Roger Milla, who recently said Eto’o did “nothing” for his country. Not sure that Milla was referring to the purchase of extravagant gifts for his fellow countrymen, but rather for his performance on the pitch as a Cameroon representative.
It should be noted that Cameroon lost a World Cup warm-up match to Serbia 4-3 shortly after the gifts were distributed. Like they say, it’s the thought that counts.

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2 thoughts on “SAMUEL ETO'O'S GIFT TO TEAM”

  1. i wishy i was a good player to play with the same team with samuel eto'o
    Any way good luck to samuel and other team mates

  2. great guy, good gesture,generous indeed,though i feel it is misplaced.more and more needs to be done to poor people in cameroon


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