KALAMAZOO, MICH. – A President Obama speech might be all some need to get a good night sleep!
President Obama might not have the country’s full approval right now, but he’s still a great orator. He’s known as one of the most charismatic politicians in the world and he’s speeches are capable of bringing a crowd to its feet. To one young man, however, a President Obama speech is as exciting as going to the dentist.
Earlier this week, President Obama gave a speech at Kalamazoo Central school in Michigan. The school had won a contest that brought the president to speak at the graduation ceremony. The president prepared another one of his great speeches in which he spoke about the value of hard work and the wonderful education each of the graduating students had earned. One young choir member, sitting directly behind the president, didn’t seem the least bit interested in what was being said.
On several occasions he was caught yawning and on one instance nodded off for a few moments. Much to the dismay of the child and perhaps his parents, the whole event was caught on video.
The funny clip has caught fire on the Web and is circulating through countless blogs. He’s become so popular that he even has his own Facebook group called “the guy sleeping behind obama at kalamazoo graduation.” The group currently contains more than 6,800 members. Just a kid in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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