Ordinary Household Mirror Opens to Not-ToO-Bad Dimension!

The Miller family of St. Paul, Minnesota, noticed something strange about the mirror in an upstairs bathroom.

“It would shimmer when you looked in it, and if we listened closely we could hear a high-pitched noise,” said Melanie Miller, 49, who moved into the house on Ferris Lane about a year ago with her husband, Gerald, 52, and her teenage children, Lily, 16, and Anna, 14.

“It was the guest bathroom,” said Anna. “But Lily started spending more time in the bathroom we share, so I made it mine. And sometimes, Mom would come up if Dad was in the master bath. It was sort of our place.”

One afternoon, Anna and Melanie were in the bathroom when the mirror puckered and made a popping noise. Suddenly, both of them saw in the reflection a lake of flame. “It was far away in the mirror, but it was calling to us,” said Anna. “I felt my legs moving by themselves.”


First Anna stepped into the mirror, and then her mother followed. 

“I was a little embarrassed,” said Melanie. “The two of us weren’t fully dressed. So there we go, two ladies in sports bras, into god knows what it was.”

What it was, the pair soon found out, was a demonscape. Even before they could reach the lake of flame, a horned figure appeared before them, rasping out commands in a language that neither understood. “As it turned out,” said Anna, “It was just normal English backwards. Like on the Rolling Stones records.”

“Beatles records, honey,” said Melanie.

“I thought the Beatles were the nice ones and the Rolling Stones were the mean ones,” said Anna.

“It’s more complicated than that,” said Melanie.

“”Anyway,” said Anna, “this demon-type guy started giving orders and pointing at our sports bras. It was creepy.”


“After a little while, I understood him,” said Melanie. “It turned out that he was just complimenting our clothing.”

“Yeah,” Anna said. “The place looked kind of hellish, but to be honest, it was nice. Pleasant weather, and the demons were mostly really cool. There was the persistent smell of sulfur, and you could hear screams, but no place is perfect.”

“He said that I didn’t look a day over thirty,” said Melanie. “Flattery will get you everywhere.”

“Gross, Mom,” said Anna.

“He said you had nice eyes,” said Melanie. 

“Whatever,” said Anna.


The Millers were eventually drawn back through the mirror to their upstairs bathroom. 

“We want to try to go back to Lakeland,” said Anna. “That’s what we call it.”

“It might look like hell, but it’s our little slice of heaven,” said Melanie. 

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  1. So, is this the Lakeland that’s 15 miles southeast of St. Paul, because it sounds a lot like it, except for the screams, but the demons are real, although they practice “Minnesota Nice.”


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