“The numbers aren’t good. But songs aren’t numbers,” said Sal Donato, our resident troubadour. “I mean, songs are numbers, sort of. People say ‘Play another number’ or ‘Play that number again.’ But they’re not numbers in the way that statistics are numbers, like coronavirus cases. I mean, cases are people, and people aren’t just statistics. But songs aren’t statistics. Though I know a guy who was in a New Wave band called The Statistics. Remember them? Their hit was ‘One, Two, Four.’ Numbers.” 

“Let me take over here,” said Boyce Day, lyricist. “The country is still struggling mightily, but there’s a real desire to come back into the light following this crisis. This song reflects that desire.”

“Wow,” said Sal. “So straightforward and succinct. I guess that’s why you’re the word guy.”

“You got that right, piano and vocals,” said Day.

Weekly World News is proud to present Day and Donato’s latest, “Back At It.”

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