Rock-hard 88-year-old can kick butt!

Great-grandmother Becky Thompson is in super shape – because she pumps iron four hours every day!

The gray-haired Canadian great-grandma can jerk an incredible 210 pounds and can bench press 275 pounds for 7 reps.  And she does it being only 5 feet, 5 inches tall, weighing only 135 pounds. And she continues to do this after recovering from a two-day bout of Covid-19!

Her unusual pastime has given her a muscular body that looks years younger than her age.

“I may be a senior citizen, but I’ve never felt stronger or more energetic in my life,” says Becky, a Vancouver, Canada, widow with five kids, 16 grandkids and 9 great-grandkids. “Folks say I have the body of a woman in her 30s, but I think they’re exaggerating. I think I like more like 40 or 41.”

This wrinkled weight-lifter started pumping iron at the age of 70, after one of her grandsons invited her to watch him work out.

The retired lawyer says she took one look at the sport and wanted to try it.  Although nervous gym owners tried to dissuade her from working out, the guts grandma insisted – and soon had scores of muscle-bound admirers helping her tone up her body.

Starting with a pair of arms too feeble to lift more than 27 pounds, determined Becky began to heft weights several hours a day and within two months was already hoisting over 120 pounds.

Her biceps went from 6 inches around to 11 and a quarter inches in just six months and after a year of working out she was able to bench press 190 pounds.

Since then the feisty senior has added inches and power to her bulging muscles – and won a name for herself as the oldest strongwoman in the land.


“People don’t believe me when I tell them what I can do pumping iron,” she says. But once they see me in action, they’re fascinated.

“I’ve inspired lots of younger women to take up weightlifting, but I don’t’ usually have such a great effect on men,” she admitted. “They’re jealous, I think.

“There are a lot of guys out there who can’t compete with me in the power-lifting categories. They can’t stand to see some little old lady do better than they can do.”

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