From sources deep inside the Swift camp comes the first leaked image of Taylor Swift’s unborn baby! Speculation has raged for months about what Taylor might be up to and with whom. And this picture isn’t going to stop the rumors from flying.

The blurry black and white image was provided to the Weekly World News from Swift’s personal assistant, Anna Nonnovich.  Nonnovich claims that Taylor Swift has no idea about this but we at the Weekly World News think that this is just a clever ploy to gain some free publicity.  Either way, we are more than happy to oblige!

Taylor has been spotted running with the one-time fugitive, one time American hero and current Presidential candidate, Bat Boy. Many have claimed that the two started dating after she found him hiding out on her estate.  When she became pregnant, many assumed that the baby must be his. Now with this ultrasound photo, you can see the baby for yourself and come to your own conclusion.

Here at Weekly World News we do see a vague similarity to our beloved Bat Boy. Maybe not 100% but close enough that he might possibly be the father. After all, it is an ultrasound photo and they tend to not always be crystal clear. We definitely see a LOT of Taylor Swift in that image! Until there is an official statement or DNA test we won’t know for sure.  We wish the best for this happy couple and will gladly help them pick a name for the child when it’s born.

Now we all know that Bat Boy is currently busy with his campaign and that recent tragic events have made this a busier time than ever.  If this is his child, this could lift his spirits faster than a pair of bat wings in a strong breeze. Nonnovich claims that she has insider information that this is indeed Bat Boy’s baby and that they already considering naming it Bat Boy Blue. If this is true, we will await the happy day when another Bat Child emerges from the dark cave.

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