For a month, at least, Weekly World News has been featuring new songs by our resident troubadour, Sal Donato. 

“I don’t know of another project like this,” said Ray Gunsel, WWN’s musical archivist. “I have been around the world, partly as a musicologist, partly as a soldier of fortune. The less said about the latter, the better. I’ll just say that I have a belt with fourteen notches in it. Where was I? Oh, yes—Sal. Well, I don’t know of another project where a publication like this has given one man the opportunity to reflect on a national crisis in song for weeks on end.”

Sal has, for the most part, been collaborating with Boyce Day, a WWN staff writer. This week, though, there’s a twist. Day himself was collaborating with the past—specifically, a pop-soul song from the late sixties. “I won’t say which song,” said Day. “For me, inspiration is a kind of game. I have the spark in my mind. See if you can find it in yours.” 

“In mine?” said Sal.

“Oh,” said Day. “I didn’t see that you were sitting right there.”

“I’m driving,” said Sal. “How did you think that the car was moving?”

“What I mean,” said Day, ‘is that my mind was elsewhere. But I don’t mean your mind specifically. I mean the mind of anyone who was listening. Trace our song back into earlier songs.”
Weekly World News is proud to debut Sal and Day’s new song, “You Are Here.”

You Are Here – Luciano Salvatore (music), Boyce Day (lyrics).

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