NEW YORK, NY – Tiger’s No. 1 mistress is doing her best to not let her 15 minutes of fame run out!
Rachel Uchitel is in the news again, but at least this time she doesn’t have a hand in ruining a marriage. The New York party girl has a resume that boasts affairs with Tiger Words and David Boreanaz and soon she will add Playboy to that resume. Uchitel has reportedly signed an agreement to appear naked in Playboy Magazine.
According to TMZ, Uchitel has a hitch in her agreement that allows her the right to pull out any time before the shoot happens – which is in three weeks. There is no word as to when the spread will run.
The former VIP hostess, who specializes in ruining marriages, has certainly cashed in on her 15 minutes of fame. She’s also that pesky bug that won’t leave you alone at a BBQ. When we think we have a breather from the socialite, she appears in the news a couple weeks later with more outlandish news. She’s almost as bad as the cast of The Jersey Shore.

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  1. This Uglytel woman is an immoral, shameless, money hungry w-h-o-r-e that has been trying desperately to trap a rich$$$$ man and has failed badly. Finally Uglitel has realized that her lovers were using her for nothing more than dirty, kinky, anything goes sex. In revenge she have threaten her lovers and demanded money for her silence. All Uglitel has now is a w-h-o-r-e reputation, spite, rage and a very used ugly silicone enhanced plastic body that looks more like a man on steroids. She is trying to cash on it before she gets too old, since she is already pushing forty. Truly, truly, pathetic!!!


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