Weekly World News has learned that Russian President, Vladimir Putin will be joining the campaign of Donald J. Trump for the 2020 election. In the coming weeks, the two men will be making joint appearances in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, New Mexico, and Minnesota.


Putin told this reporter (at a bar in Amsterdam) that he stands “a thousand percent” behind Donald Trump. Putin says he will campaign on American soil for the President and “nobody can stop me from doing that.”

“I like The Donald very much and he likes me. We get along very well.  That is all there is to it,” Putin said. He continued, “I can, of course, kick his ass whenever I want, but I would rather continue to have meetings with Donald Trump than Joe Biden or any of those communists on the Democratic side. I am a capitalist.”

Though Donald Trump has consistently denied having any kind of special relationship with Putin, Weekly World News uncovered several photos of the two strong leaders enjoying some time frolicking on a horse in the past two weeks.

In fact, Donald Trump has already invited Putin to go golfing with him at his golf club in Bedminister, New Jersey. The two also plan on having a February campaign strategy session at Mar-A-Lago in Florida.


Democrats are outraged about President Trump once again inviting foreign influence into our election.

“It is illegal for any foreign country to participate in our election in any way shape or form,” said Adam Schiff. “He can meet with Putin. They can talk. But Putin can not be involved in Trump’s campaign. If we have to, we will impeach him again for this!

“Democrats would never think of doing something as illegal as this unless we got a lot of money for it,” said Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House.

On a side note, Putin sent a letter to Nancy Pelosi last week asking her “if you still have Hillary’s red Russian reset button.” Putin laughed at his own reset joke. you get a chance to use that red reset button Hillary left for you.  If you push that button three times, Hillary we will send you HIllary’s missing email.”

Pundits are wondering why Trump would make such a blatant move as this, especially after he was impeached.  “Trump is clearly taunting the Democrats,” said Anderson Cooper of CNN. “He is daring them to impeach again. And I’m sure they will.”

Putin’s Chief of Staff told Weekly World News that Putin has a lot of friends, KGB agents, and expensive call girls stationed who want work for Trump’s campaign.

There are rumors that if Donald Trump wins re-election, he may make Putin part of his administration, most likely as Secretary of State. 

This reporter will be embedded with Putin while he is in the U.S.  We will keep you informed at all the latest Putin news.

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