GREECE – Amidst all the chaos in Greece, one canine is proving to be man’s best friend!
Greece has sparked controversy, fear and chaos thanks to its financial crisis. Protests have sprouted all over the country and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. Enter Kanellos, the “Rebel Dog.” The canine has provided a lighter angle within the tumultuous times in Greece and has become a symbol of inspiration and fearlessness.
Countless times he’s been seen confronting police officers and standing tall in the wake of tear gas. According to The Guardian newspaper, he’s been present at nearly every major demonstration in Athens, Greece.
The canine has been the topic of countless blogs and has earned a number of nicknames including “Riot Dog” and “Protest Dog.” If that isn’t a testament to his popularity, he also has his own Facebook page.
In a time of instability and uncertainty, Kanellos seems to be the sense of stability that many Greeks need. While he obviously won’t be fixing any problems, he’s clearly made his allegiance known and has become a much needed positive in this struggle.

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