NEW YORK, NY – One fast food chain has decided to take a stab into another industry!
White Castle loves their smell so much that they have decided to make it into a candle. Next time you want to set the mood or welcome in guests, light up a White Castle candle and create a unique atmosphere.
The move by the fast-food burger chain is in honor of their self-proclaimed National Hamburger Month. The “mood setter” comes in a rectangular ceramic holder that resembles the cardboard box of the White Castle Slider sandwiches. They will be selling for $10 each, with proceeds going to Autism Speaks.
White Castle got an assist from Nest Fragrances, a New York candle company that usually designs luxury bath products for the likes of Christian Dior and Vera Wang.
“I was thrilled to do it,” said Laura Slatkin, owner of Nest Fragrances. She also played an integral part in the opening of the New York Center for Autism and the state’s first public charter school for children with autism.
“The candle has a top note of diced sweet onions and crisp pickle, the middle notes are beef patty, cheese and ketchup, and bottom note is a warm burger bun. It all comes together to create this amazing aroma of a White Castle Slider,” says Slatkin.
Go out and get one for yourself and bring the wonderful aroma of a hamburger to your home. If that isn’t enough to entice you, the fact that it’s for a good cause should be the extra push anyone needs.

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  1. I think that White Castle Candle is the perfect way to bring aroma and scent to our home. These types of scented candles would remove the necessity for scented room sprays and other types of bad odor removing methodologies.


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