ASHTABULA, OH – Divers recently made a startling discovery proving the existence of The Lake Erie Monster.  A team of Weekly World News reporters tracked down seven witnesses who have seen The Lake Erie Monster (also known as “Lemmie”) in the flesh!

WWN reporters obtained audiotaped interviews with men and women who sighted Lemmie between spring 2017 and summer 2019.  

Relatives, friends, neighbors, and co-workers of the witnesses were also interviewed by our team to confirm their rock-solid reputations for honesty and to verify other supporting information.

All the witnesses are native Ashtabulians.  And even though some of the sightings occurred two years ago, the witnesses insist they could not have mistaken some other aquatic animal or inanimate object for the mysterious water monster that some cryptozoologists believe to be a survivor from prehistoric times. Others in the scientific community suggest Lemmie could be the result of a genetic mutation caused by industrial pollution.

The divers who discovered Lemmie first heard about the beast from a local fisherman. Ian McCandlish (72), who at the time was hauling trout onto his boat on the south shore of Lake Erie. Ian got a firsthand, close-up look at Lemmie on July 5, 2018.  The railroad conductor had already pulled four fat trout when he cast his line back into the dark waters and saw something big, black and sleek rising up to the surface.


Divers Robert McQueen (29), Foster Packer (33) and Silvia Montalvo (31) quickly got their suits on and dove into Lake Erie.  After several frustrating hours, Silvia saw Lemmie down one hundred feet.  They took a few pictures before Lemmie started “acting up.”

“We had to get out of there as fast as we could,” said Foster Packer. “Lemmie was agitated and we were afraid for our lives.”  Silvia, however, doesn’t think that Lemmie is a threat.  “She seems like a peaceful creature. I can’t wait to get down there and pet her again.”

The Divers have not notified the authorities yet about Lemmie, but Weekly World News will be speaking to the government officials in the coming days. 

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