ST. LOUIS, MO – Siamese Kangaroo has been stalking Kanye West for the last month and he showed up again, this time at Kanye’s Sunday Service in St. Louis on Saturday, October 5th.

The Siamese Kangaroo is focusing on Kanye like a laser. He’s keeping a close eye on Kanye, stalking him for some reason. Many kangaroo handlers believe Kanye had insulted the marsupial back in 2014 while he was on tour in Australia. Siamese Kangaroo apparently holds a grudge. He’s angry with Kanye for what he did back then.

“That damn Siamese Kangaroo has a nasty temper. He is ripped!,” said Ian Brelow, a resident of Perth. “He’ll knock Kanye out with one punch.” Why is this happening? Australians tell Weekly World News that Kanye said “the wrong thing” to the kangaroo when he was on his Yeezus Tour. Kanye visited the Siamese Kangaroo at the zoo and rubbed SK the wrong way with his antics. “Kanye went right up to him and started rapping in his face. Siamese Kangaroo was not amused by him,” said Brelow. “I thought SK was gonna pouch him right there!”

As readers know, Kanye is having a tough time shaking Siamese Kangaroo. Kanye’s bodyguards haven’t been able to keep him away. “Nobody is going to be able to stop Siamese Kangaroo,” said Brelow. “We’ve known about him for years down under. If he wants to follow Kanye there’s nothing Kanye can do about it.”

Maybe not. However, Kim Kardashian’s friends tell Weekly World News that she’s getting worried. “She is really freaked out. She sees Siamese Kangaroo everywhere they go, said Donna Garcia who works for the hit reality show, Keeping Up The Kardashians. “Kim is not going to stand for any beast harassing her man.”


There are rumors that Drake is putting Siamese Kangaroo up to the whole thing. “Drake has always had a problem with Kanye and I think he’s doing it to get into Kanye’s head,” a close friend of Drake’s told WWN.

On the other hand, some feel that there are a variety of “Kangaroos” already occupying space in Kanye’s head. “Nobody knows what is really going on in Kanye’s mind,” a friend of Drake’s told WWN.

the Siamese Kangaroo (who was seen singing and clapping along at the Sunday Service) is really beginning to agitate Kanye. Many observers of the situation are hoping the whole situation doesn’t come to blows. Brelow told WWN, “Kanye won’t last a minute with SK. That I can tell you.”

Kanye is getting extremely paranoid. He keeps telling friends, “That thing tryin’ to pouch me!”

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